Fifth Harmony Worth It Makeup Tutorial – Normani’s Look

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Oh, look at me uploading after saying I wasn’t. Gave you a bit of a surprise there, didn’t I? Basically when I woke up this morning I saw that the music video for Fifth Harmony’s new song Worth It featuring Kid Ink had come out and I watched it. Then I went back and saw Normani’s face! I love her look and this has taken me so off guard I haven’t even had time to do a face chart to show you, so I’m sorry! If you haven’t seen it, click HERE to do so. I love this song, I hadn’t hear it before today but I’m just going to play it constantly because, you know, I can. Also, because it came out in the early hours of this morning, no official pictures of Normani’s shot have come out yet, so you’re just going to have to live with the one I took on my phone this morning. Your welcome! I chose her look over the other girls because her’s was so different, it had a range of colour and it meant I could play around a little bit! I’ve been really getting into Fifth Harmony recently so if you have any particular girls or video’s you want me to recreate looks from, just let me know and I will do that for you.

Onto the tutorial:


Obviously she has a darker skin tone to me, so the colours may show up differently but the look that I saw is what I will be showing you today.




Instead of showing you each individual step where the change might not be obvious, I’m just going to do a huge step then talk you through it. So for the bronze-smokey-eye I used my Sleek i-Divine Palette in Oh So Special with my Model’s Own Blending Brush, first of all going into Bow. I used this on the inner third in a triangular format as she did. From the same palette I took The Mail which I just used in the middle as one line, that’s it. The last colour I took was Boxed and I used this on what was left of my eye, blending it into the crease and using circular motions to make it that bit softer looking. I then went it and added where I could (i.e Bow) as well as diffusing them together.


You may be able to see in her picture that on the inner part of her eye she had a blue tint to it, so from the same palette I used Glitz. This was the perfect colour, however, due to not doing my face makeup before doing this, I just look like a very tired fairy. I blended this as far as I could along my lash line and if I was wearing this look out, I would’ve spent a lot more time making it a bit more subtle.


The last step for the eyes is the eyeliner. You guys probably know by now how the relationship between myself and liquid eyeliner is, so instead I just used Noir from the Sleek palette along with an angled brush to help create it. It’s just so much easier and I find you have so much more control. In the picture you can kind of see she has two mini-wings instead of one big one which I love. For this I just ran the brush along my top and bottom lash line, creating a small wing at the end. In the picture it looks like she did this and I really hope it is! However, because of my dark under eye circles, I do look a bit like a raccoon. Love it anyway!



Now for lips (which I adore just as much as the eyeliner). To line my lips I used Makeup Studio’s Lip Liner in No. 11 Funky (sorry, I couldn’t find the English website that I bought it off). I love this colour so much (trust me to get into dark’s in Spring) and it is such a good dupe for whatever she wore. And yes I do look a bit like a drag queen. And yes I don’t care *smiles*.



And the final step for this look is to add the lipstick. I, no surprise, used Natural Collection’s Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson. I applied this to the remaining areas of my lips and just lightly smacked them together (if you go to vigorously, it will just become a dark red colour and loose the dark outline). I agree, the outline could be darker, but personally I’m happy with it like this. I love this look so much!

Would I wear this look out? If I had a good concealer, then yes, without a shadow of a doubt. As I said earlier, let me know of any other looks from this video you would like me to show you or any other looks in general, really. I hope you’ve enjoyed this look as much as me! I tried to make sure it was just from one palette because I know I can go a bit mix ‘n’ match sometimes and I hope you like it that way.

So thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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