Simple Day To Night Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening, Munchkins!

Well, hasn’t this week been eventful! On Tuesday I had my brace taken off (woo yeah!), on Wednesday Zayn left One Direction (cue memory of crying in Media because of it) and Jeremy Clarkson got sacked off of Top Gear. These were very difficult to take in in one 48 hours. Hopefully to take your mind off things, I have decided to show you the very first makeup look I created and teach you how to do it.

This is basically a look for days when you’re at work or having just a normal ‘home’ day but you are also going out that night and won’t have long to get ready. This doesn’t take long to switch up as it’s only small changes, but it makes all the difference.

So here’s today’s face chart:


(Yes I did night first then day, my blonde little brain just can’t handle some things!) If you read it, you will see there are only 3 slight changes but I’ll still talk you through it.

WP_20150215_14_20_41_Pro WP_20150215_14_47_46_Pro Day To Night - Day Eyes

I’ve decided that with this look I’m just going to show you the finished eye as it’s pretty simple and you’ll get bored if I go through each individual step. Taking my Model’s Own Blending Brush and using Foxy from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette, I just created a nude base on my lid. Using the same brush and the same palette, I then used Faint in the crease to give it more depth. I chose this over Naked 2 because I thought for night it needs to be more defiant but it could always be blended out slightly if need be for day wear. I then used my Body Collection Liquid Liner in Black to line my lid. Oh, and did we notice how neat it actually looked! Was very proud, I must admit!

Tanya Burr I Found Nemo Day To Night - Day Lips

For lips I used Tanya Burr’s lipgloss in I Found Nemo. This was my first time ever using it and although it doesn’t look it, it is so much more pigmented than I expected and worked well on my already pigmented lips! I feel like glosses are so much easier to throw on anytime you need a decent lip colour and with this look, it may have worn off by the time it gets to evening for your ‘Night’ look.


Glitter Bomb Shadow Day To Night - Night Eyes

Onto Night! For me, I love all the glitter so this would be how I would change it up. First I would add a highlight (I’m using Technic’s Shimmer Dust) to the highest points of my face like my chin, the tip of my nose, above my contour, above and below the arch of my eyebrows and inner corner. This just makes your eyes look bigger and therefore more awake. I then just applied a bit of this purple glitter from the Glitter Bomb Shadow using my finger, dotting it onto the eyeliner to make it look a bit more exciting. I haven’t put much on but that’s for fear of fallout! This is also the part where false lashes could be used and the serious makeup geeks get their playtime!


Day To Night - Night Lips

For lips I’ve gone for statement lips which, as you know, I adore. I’ve used my holy grail which is Essence’s Stay With Me Lip Gloss in Trendsetter. As I said earlier, the other lipgloss would’ve probably rubbed off at this point, so you just need to apply really. I feel like these would look perfect with the understated eyes.

So there is my Day to Night look, I do hope you enjoyed! One thing I’ve never really asked is if you are more of an eyes or lips person. I love creating different looks on my eyes, but those bold lips! Especially now I have my brace off I can have any colour! Also, are there any looks in particular you would like to see? I am very nearly out of ideas and I do enjoy doing these so it would be a shame to end them.

I won’t be uploading tomorrow as I have a lot of work to do and I thought I shouldn’t even try to commit after the past couple of weeks of only uploading once. Now on Thursday I break up for the Easter Holiday’s from school for 2 weeks. I’ve kind of decided to give me a break I will upload every second day. I’ve worked out it will be the even numbers so I think it goes next Saturday, the Monday after that and so on. I think I’ll just find it easier and you won’t have me thrown in your face everyday.

So thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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