My Teeth Story: Before and After

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today something that I have been looking forward to for so long has happened: I got my braces off! I wrote a blog post about this a while ago (find it HERE) but this will be a more personal blog post about my experiences rather than just advice and things like that. Also, sorry for not writing on Sunday, but we had to get up that morning at 6:45 for my Mum’s run and by the time we got home I just wanted my bed. I also know this isn’t my standard blog post or blogging routine, but it’s special!

So here are my teeth (before and after):

Teeth Before

Teeth After

Yes, I have lost weight or at least don’t show it as much anymore. It’s just if I cropped it anymore it would’ve been all pixelated and yeah. The first picture is the first Christmas I had my braces, so 2 months after having it put on. I didn’t really smile the way I do now before I had my brace on, so this was the best picture I could find, double-chin and all! It does look OK in the photo, but in really life, they are huge!

Before I had my brace put on I hated my teeth. When I was younger I used to suck my thumb so I had an overbite and the formation of my teeth was kind of curved and more like an oval than any thing else. I also had to have 4 teeth out (2 at the top, 2 on the bottom, all at the back) beforehand and then I had the brace put on. I just remember feeling so scared but also excited because I was so shy (I had just started secondary school) and didn’t want to be different but at the same time I just wanted perfect teeth. I was asked when I was in Year 5 whether to wait a year or do it straight away and I chose to wait because I was just so scared. Let me tell you something, it does hurt when it’s put on, but so many more things are going to hurt so much more, so just go with it. My top brace was put on at the beginning of October 2012 and then my bottom brace about a year/and a half later.

I did enjoy going to the orthodontist every 6-10 weeks because I felt that my teeth were going to get better quicker and I had so many things other than just a basic wire. I remember at one point I had springs, still unsure why. From about September last year I had bands to help with my overbite which hurt but it made me feel really great, to be honest! Even last night I wore my tighter bands and my top teeth were touching my bottom but now that everything’s off, my overbite is still quite big. Also, I became quite protective over cleaning my teeth (Monica Gellar over here!) and my teeth are whiter than what they are but around the edges they could be better. I soon loved my braces and just couldn’t imagine myself without them.

Two of my friends who’d had their brace off had kind of warned me of what’s to come, but it was honestly fine. I thought he was going to take the brackets off then polish in two separate events, but no. I couldn’t tell the difference to be honest. One thing I’ve never understood about my orthodontist (tell me if yours does the same, or even your dentist) is that he’ll try and have a full-on conversations with me with a midget’s drill in my mouth. He was doing it today but I could hardly hear him because the drill thing was so loud. Didn’t really help when some of the drill fell of into my mouth. Thanks so much for that. The whole thing kind of inflamed my gums so when I rinsed all this blood came out and I was just so shocked, I thought a tooth had fallen out or something! I then had the impression done for my retainer (which I’m getting on Friday) but that was fine, I was used to it.

The first time I was shown the mirror, I had blood on my face and God knows what else but my teeth were still so evident. I forgot how big my teeth were! I’m still getting used to it and trying to convince myself I don’t want my brace back on (though they did look so much better with it on) but I think in the long-run I will be glad. I feel a bit like a horse, to be honest. When I imagined my new teeth, I thought of people like Niall Horan and Timmy from TimmyFellDownTheWell (now Timmy Timato). Nope. I’m going to be in the next dressage competition, look out for me! I’m kind of disappointed because it’s been 2 and a half years and it took so long to convince me to get braces but yeah. In the picture it doesn’t look too bad, but I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror smiling before I came home today, and I was shocked to say the least. Hopefully I’ll get used to it and my retainer will help with my overbite, but they are better than before. Just not the size I intended. I don’t understand how my teeth are so big, I’m such a small person.

I was talking to my Chummy last night about how excited I was and I was saying how I was relating it to Kris and Bruce Jenner getting divorced (I had just watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I’m now addicted) and I just said ‘This is my Kris J needs a lei. This is my Bruce on the Loose. This is my sex change’. I look so different, it might as well be a sex change!

There are little things I do miss though. For example, looking like an idiot when you just put your finger in your mouth when you are in fact looking for the now non-existent band or having an immediate conversation with someone (I also have height though). There are things I’m looking forward to though. Like my retainer changing some things (hopefully) and being able to wear any lip colour I so desire and not having the stains.

I think that’s everything I wanted to talk about ‘teeth wise’. Sorry if this doesn’t tickle your pickle, I just felt it necessary and appropriate for this time. I hope this has been of some help to some of you. I’m up for doing one about retainers if you desire, but I don’t have to if you don’t want me to. Also, if you have any questions or anything you can ask me in the comments or by emailing me (links are below).

My cousin (well, third cousin, but that’s a bit of a mouthful) has a YouTube channel called TylerTalksTooMuch (you can tell we’re related) and he once made a video about his teeth which you can find HERE. He also has a retainer/brace.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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