Meghan Trainor ‘Dear Future Husband’ Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Good Morning, Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you how to create an inspired look from Meghan Trainor’s new music video for ‘Dear Future Husband’. Anyone who know’s me will know how much I love Meghan Trainor and watching this just made the little fan-girl in me so content for a Monday afternoon. I was trying to re-create the look from the scenes where she was wearing the blue leather skirt, but it kind of ended up (eyes-wise) as the scene where her boyfriend is trying to feed her and she doesn’t want it (don’t hurt Miss Trainor!). Also, I don’t have the berry toned lipstick she had, so I had to use the red lips from the kitchen scene. I think in panning, the look I’ve created for the eyes could be in the blue leather skirt scene, I’m not sure. Anyway, I love this song and have done for a while and I love the music video. Meghan, you got your sass on! If you want to see the music video before I talk you through the makeup tutorial, click HERE.


So here is today’s face chart. As you can see on the left I’ve written that it is supposed to be very flirty and sexy, because she has brought out her feisty side in this music video, has our Meghan. This is so easy but looks so damn gorgeous, my little makeup-addict heart just explodes every time I see the pictures. Also, with the eye shadow I used on the lid, I would leave concealer until afterwards. You’ll see what I mean later. On with the tutorial:

WP_20150228_10_28_16_Pro WP_20150319_16_46_04_Pro WP_20150319_16_52_17_Pro

First of all using my Model’s Own Angled Brush, I’m going to create a winged eyeliner with Noir from Sleek’s i-Divine Palette in Oh-So-Special. I can finally conquer eyeliner! I just find this way is a lot easier but if you do want to use a liquid/pencil/kohl liner, that’s OK, I’ve just finally found something my little hands can cope with. I’m so proud! Meghan in this video has really thick, elongated black winged eyeliner that she wears pretty much most of the time so that’s what we want to recreate. She did also have a little bit on the outer corner on the bottom of her lower waterline but I hadn’t put concealer on and thought I’d look like a panda, which is not what we want.


From the same palette, I used ‘Boxed’ on my crease. I just applied this with the usual Model’s Own Blending Brush. I think the lighting has made this look quite bad, but you can blend it out if it looks too harsh. Remember, this is supposed so be a cute look, so make it look soft and curved at the edges!

WP_20150319_16_46_58_Pro WP_20150319_16_59_30_Pro WP_20150319_17_07_22_Pro

Using the same brush, I used this Sugar Plum eye shadow on the rest of my lid. And, oh dear Lord, see what I mean?! I hadn’t used this eye shadow before but I will be a lot more from now on! Look at how gorgeous it is! Also, ‘Boxed’ doesn’t look too bad once you’ve finished all of the eye makeup, to be honest. There will be some fallout so you can go back over the liner if you wish, or even fill it in with liquid liner, what takes your fancy. I’m pretty sure Meghan uses false lashes, so go ahead and pop some on to give you the perfect fluttery-eye look. I haven’t applied some, as you can tell, but if I was going for the full-on look, I would use my favourite mascara which is the Makeup Revolution Amazing Curl Mascara in Black. This does wonders, even for me!


For blusher I would use my Technic Blusher Duo (Set 2) and use the purple-y colour which is further away. I feel like this is a perfect match for what she wore in the music video (which, if your my Mother, means you need your blood pressure checked). Just apply this to the apples of your cheeks and your good to go!

WP_20150208_13_47_22_Pro WP_20150319_17_07_35_Pro

To complete this look, I am wearing the red lips from the kitchen scene. I realise this is a bit mix ‘n’ match, but if I was wearing this out, I would go for a more understated blusher and blot the lips a little bit more. For the lips I used Natural Collections Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson, using a lip brush on the outline to get it perfect and sharp. A little trick I learnt from NikkieTutorials (though I don’t use it on myself) is if you have pretty thin lips like Meghan, you can put a little bit of highlighter on your cupids bow and it will kind of help you see where you can create a new, fuller top lip for yourself. Don’t go over the top, but it works!

So that is my inspired look from ‘Dear Future Husband’. Sorry I haven’t been able to create one solid look from the video, but I just don’t have the right sort of makeup products to do so. I really enjoyed this look, nonetheless. I love the eyes and you know I love my red lips. Let me know what other makeup looks you’d like to see me recreate for you or what your favourite look from the music video was.

Another little thing I’d like to ask you is do I take a GCSE in Makeup? My school is a performing arts school and as you probably, know I take Drama. In the Drama course, you get the choice of doing either Acting or Performance Support (which is one of these: Costume, Makeup or Lighting). I’m scared that I will run out of ideas and that I won’t be able to live up to certain standards, but I wanted to ask you what you think. My Mum and Nan think I should go with it, and then maybe go into Makeup as a career. I know not everyone gets this opportunity at school, so I just wanted a yay or nay whether I should. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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