OOTD #3 | Mother’s Day 2015

Good Evening Munchkins!

Today is (or has been) Mother’s Day. I have been looking forward to this day and the build up for ages now, and yes, she did enjoy her presents which I showed you yesterday (click HERE if you missed it). This year and last year are probably the first two years where I’ve been excited for Mother’s Day but that’s probably due to having a little more independence and being able to do things on my own. I have also been planning to wear this outfit for weeks as I’ve only worn it once before when I first bought it and it’s kind of family-meal-out-outfit. We didn’t have family meal out, we just had a roast at home with my Nan, but it was still nice. If you want the details on my makeup for today, I can give you that, just let me know.


Bardot Sleeve Top: ASOS/New Look Petite (bought it off ASOS, but is originally from New Look Petite)

Skirt: Primark

Tights: F&F @ Tesco

I’m one of those people who will take any occasion, any chance to dress up and put on a full face of makeup. I love this outfit but I feel it’s too nice just to go food shopping in. I feet like it hugs the right curves but hides the wrong ones, which has become my mission for the past year or so. I do love wearing skirts and I bought this one fairly recently, not realising it was soon the end of Winter and burgundy is a Winter colour. I just feel like because I’m a size 12/14, I shouldn’t have to hide my legs. You’re still going to see them in jeans, their just going to be paler! I’m so looking forward to bringing this back in Autumn (or Fall, for my international Munchkins!), it’s just so perfect.

Let me know what you’re favourite outfit has been for this Winter, what you did for Mother’s Day, what you wore etc. I love to talk to you guys!

Next weekend, as I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’m staying at my Grandparents as my Mum is doing a half-marathon so realistically I can only upload on one day. I’m thinking Saturday morning, and it will be something slightly different but that I love none the less. I just hope you think the same!

Thank you for reading this shorter than average blog post (much like myself, only I’m not a blog post) and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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