Mother’s Day Haul 2015

Good Afternoon, Munchkins!

As you may know (my British Munchkins, that is, or if you’re Universal and know of the time of British traditions) tomorrow is Mother’s Day! This means that last Saturday I went to my local shopping centre with my Chums on our yearly mission and I will now show you what I purchased for that lovely woman! I also wrote a blog post about last years Mother’s Day (I’m that old at blogging) which you can find HERE. You can take what you want from this blog post, everything I’m showing you is affordable and all of it (not all of it collectively, but each individual piece) will only cost you a maximum of £5! Yes, how good am I? This does mean my Mummy is very spoilt so don’t worry if you haven’t got much as it is in the thought, to be honest.

On with the blog post!


The first place I went was Lush. You know how much I love Lush and last year I got my Mum something from there that went down a treat, so I thought why not?! Unfortunately, they didn’t have it back in this year otherwise I would’ve definitely picked one up! My local Lush is quite small so as soon as you walked in, Mother’s Day things were placed in front of you straight away so I had to have a look. I thought about getting the shower gel Yummy Mummy, but that did not smell nice at all. Even I didn’t like it! I ended up getting Rose Bubble Bar which I’m not sure whether it’s permanent or not, but I think my Mum will like it. It’s quite a clean, fresh smell (the exact words I used to the lovely lady who helped us out) so it will be great for her little nose. I don’t want to show you what they look like as that will mean opening it and I don’t really want to do that, but it reminded me of the rose in Beauty and the Beast. I was really surprised how cheap this was as well considering it’s probably limited edition (£2.95)! Bonus!


The second and last thing I picked up from Lush was the Rose Bombshell. I have a feeling this used to be Dragon’s Egg as it looks similar and has a similar effect. Anyway, the lady (who I should’ve remembered the name of) demonstrated this one to us and I just really liked it. It doesn’t smell too over-powering again and looks just like a boring white bath bomb, but once you put it in the water, it creates different spots of colour and there are little rose petals inside. I thought this was a really good idea as it’s like another present inside the current present. Also, my Mum’s doing a half-marathon next weekend (she is mad) and as it’s near London we’re going to stay with her parents for the weekend so she can freshen up and stuff after. I really want her to take this and I will tell her that tomorrow! I love it, even if she doesn’t. This was £3.30, I think, don’t quote me on it!


I’m going to say it now before anyone beats me to it – sorry for the picture being the wrong way round (they wouldn’t rotate!) and sorry for it being creased. It’s been hidden in my wardrobe in a Primark bag for a week, it’s not going to look the best. So the next place I went to (if you hadn’t already guessed) was Primark. I love Primark and I’ve recently started getting my Mum into it. I found this top and it says ‘Wake Me Up When Summer Comes’. That is my Mum in one sentence, she loves Summer and that has been her quote from this Winter. I was scared it would be too young for her but it doesn’t have to rolled sleeves or anything and it’s super soft so she should like it. My only problem is that she’s a 10 and on the tag (and hanger, may I add) it said 10. I then took this picture and saw it actually said 18 in the label. Oops! I don’t want to return it though because it was already selling out when I got there and it might not be there next time I go. #Pray4Rach. This was only £5.


The next thing I got from Primark was this set of 4 nail polishes. You can never go wrong with nail polishes for Mother’s Day or a female’s birthday because they are always going to have at least one set of nails in their life. I just chose this set of colours as she always used my pink and red, so I thought I’d give her her own. I haven’t actually tried Primark cosmetics before, so this should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes. As you can tell, this set was £2.


Next I bought this eye shadow in this gorgeous silver, shimmer colour. I haven’t properly opened it, but through the window it looks shimmer. Also, it was in the reduction section but there is nothing wrong with it. I just took the price off it for the purpose of you lovely people seeing the colour. Prepare yourself, it was only 50p! I know it sounds cheap, but come on!


The last two things I bought was this lipstick in 21 Nude and lip liner in 01. I realise it sounds like my Mum’s this beauty queen, like Michelle Visage of the South Coast. No, I just thought I could give her a little make-over and she goes out a lot so she can properly tart herself up. I chose this colour (they’re practically the same colour) as it’s a very natural pink and she likes colours like that. Also, she has quite un-pigmented lips, so she’s fun to work on! If you would like to see what I do to her face, let me know and I’ll write a blog post on it! Little plug-in there, as if I don’t do it at all! This lipstick was was £1 (I think) and the lip liner was £1.50.

So that is everything I bought my Mother this Mother’s Day. What have you bought your Mum this year? We did also buy my Mum the Voices CD with Sia and Ben Haenow on, but that’s from my brother. I just broke boundaries here!

I realise I didn’t blog last Sunday but I was getting ill (again) and by the time I realised it was blogging day, it was too late to take pictures etc. I will be uploading tomorrow and I hope you enjoy it because I feel like these past few blogs haven’t really lived up to the currant standard. Sorry about that!

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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