Beach Days

Good Evening Munchkins.

Today I will just be sharing a short, chatty blog post as I just really feel in the mood for it and I haven’t done one in a very long time. Sorry if you were expecting a makeup tutorial or something, but I will be back on those tracks tomorrow, I can assure you. Also, I didn’t really plan to do this blog post, I just randomly got the urge.

As you may know, I live in the South of England (not wanting to tell you where exactly) and have done for the past 13 years of my life. I love living here and I would not change it for the world. Although weather can be pretty British as times, due to some geographic knowledge I with hold (I’m practically an advert for state education!), where we live means that the winds come in from America, meaning our Summer’s are actually decent.

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I took these pictures on a rare sunny day during February half-term and I especially think the second one is adorable. The little boy with the red balloon was so cute and having so much fun, it really is the perfect picture. It really made me feel happy.

Pretty much everyday of March so far has been sunny and, although cold, very pretty. I love how when it is sunny, you can look over the sea and it just lifts your spirits immensely.

I was born in Croydon (I feel I can tell you this and no one in my family now lives there) which is in South London and only really has the Thames. My Aunt and cousins still live in London and as much as I love going to see them, the Thames doesn’t really add up to the English Channel. I feel like if I’d stayed in Croydon I wouldn’t be as happy, as healthy (lungs-wise) and as thankful for the warm weather!

A few storms do occur (I’m thinking specifically of the flooding during the Winter of 2013/2014) but when the Summer comes, we can kind of forgive the weather in that sense. It does get quite windy so wearing skirts and dresses is hard at times, but sometimes it just has to be done!

I think this year more than any other I’m so grateful for where I live, how I live etc.. On Monday marks the anniversary of my Great-Nan’s death and therefore the start of 7 months of depression. I look back to that time and think that even though I didn’t want to be here, I am so glad to be alive now.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t want to leave from now, I just want to be 14-year-old Rachel forever more, as that is when I feel happiest. Yes, there’s arguments but there will be arguments anywhere you turn in life (unless you’re very lucky) and I think you can’t really take things too seriously. When I’m stressed or upset I just look at these photos and it immediately brightens me up. These photos are completely unedited, this is how it was caught and how it has imprinted itself in my memory. And I love that.

I want to do everything in life; I want to travel and meet new people as well as finding my ‘high school sweetheart’ and marrying at a ridiculously young age only to have children soon after. I want to be a cat, basically, with 9 lives to spare. But I think after everything that happens, I will always look back at where I am and think ‘I love here, more that anything’. I love other places in England like London and Liverpool but nothing will ever compete with home.

What I hope you will take out of this blog post (other than delving deep into my naive mind) is that just see the good in the bad and be grateful for everything, even if things aren’t going to plan. I’ve been through hell and back to get to this state, and I’m glad to be honest. Even though it takes about 2 and a half hours to get to London, which won’t be helpful business wise, there’s always the dream of working on a beach cafe. I think I’d prefer that than a high-paying job that I hated.

Well, that got very deep but I hope you have liked this blog post. I know I’ve enjoyed writing this. This will probably go unnoticed, but hey ho. My own personal reference! I hope you’ve had a good Saturday and as I said I will get back to normal for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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