Basic Gothic Makeup Tutorial

Good Evening Munchkins!

Little disclaimer before I start: last Sunday I became quite ill which is why I didn’t upload on that day and Monday (or Tuesday for me) was when I went back to school, meaning I won’t be uploading everyday until around Easter time. Do expect the twice a week uploads though *thumbs up and cheesy grin*.

Today I will be showing you a Basic Gothic Look that could be worn at Halloween or if you just want to try it out and like that sort of style. I personally wouldn’t wear it everyday, but some aspects could be used for future reference.

So here is today’s face chart:


As you can tell, it’s a very stripped back look. Very pale complexion, very harsh, straight lines, dark contour and no highlight. I don’t have anything for contour at all, so if you wear this whole look you may have to look around in your own stash for something to create the perfect contour. I hadn’t done my makeup before taking these pictures, so sorry for uneven skin/dark under-eye circles/freckles. It doesn’t help create the dark/light atmosphere, I will admit.




First of all I will be using Venus from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette all over the lid to create a white/nude base and lighten things up a bit. I just applied this with my Model’s Own Blending Brush.

WP_20150228_10_25_15_Pro WP_20150228_10_25_29_Pro

I next applied Crave from the same palette, using the same brush to define the crease and also blend out the outer V. Just a slight warning, this is pigmented like Hell, so two brush swipes will do you just fine, I can assure you.

WP_20150228_10_28_00_Pro WP_20150228_10_28_16_Pro WP_20150228_10_30_55_Pro

Then, using my Model’s Own Angled Brush and Mirror Mirror Gel Eyeliner (from Shout magazine, a dark purple colour), I just applied a thin line of the eyeliner onto my lash line. This is so easy to use and so build able, I’m just not good at judging time so was applying it enough for you to see but not taking too much time. Sorry. Personally, if I was going to wear this eyeliner, I would create quite a thick line. I just prefer it that way.

WP_20150228_10_31_58_Pro WP_20150228_10_33_16_Pro

Finally, for that perfect black lip I used this lipstick from God knows where and just applied it to my lips. I think I got this in a Halloween kit years ago, but certain brands do supply them. Also, if you want to make it perfect and straight, just take a lip brush, use a bit of concealer and clean it up that way!

Well, this was only a short one, but I do hope you enjoyed. Let me know what looks you would like to see, I’m running out of ideas! I have got an idea for tomorrows blog post which I’m excited for, at least!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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