The Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Good Morning Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you an inspired look from The Great Gatsby which may be worn to like a party or even everyday if it was toned down a little. As you may know, I love The Great Gatsby and I thought I would create a look that would be appropriate to if you were going to one of Gatsby’s parties. This means this look is glowly and gold and shimmery and just a little mad. This is the time when looking like a human disco ball is OK, release that inner shimmer! Just imagine going to one of Gatsby’s parties, you need to make an impression! This could have been a bit more OTT and if you would like that I can give it to you, just let me know.

So here today’s face chart:


Onto the tutorial:

WP_20150218_15_42_12_Pro WP_20150214_12_57_10_Pro


First of all I’m going to take my Model’s Own Blending Brush and my BYS Palette (I can’t remember the name, sorry) and I’m just going to cover the whole lid with this. This is a really shimmery, bronze-gold colour which just suited to the genre of The Great Gatsby.

WP_20150215_14_47_46_Pro WP_20150218_15_51_03_Pro

Next I used Body Collection’s Black Liquid Liner to try and create a wing. Note the word ‘try’. I wanted to create a really thick, defined wing. And this is what happened. Glad I brought a smile to your day!

On my face chart it says to use a Gold Pencil Liner which I’m sure I had on the waterline and tightline. I have no idea where this is, so I unfortunately can’t show you. I thought this would fit in the ‘Gold Glam’ theme that was happening anyway.


Lastly for the eyes I would use very long, defined false lashes for the dressy look. These ones I got in a magazine a while ago but I like the fact it has purple in case you’re feeling that little bit wild. I think you can tell from the photos, I naturally have very long, dark, thick eyelashes so I don’t always feel it necessary to wear false lashes, but for this look I would.

I would next take the top colour from my BYS Palette (see the first step) and use it as a highlighter on my brow-bone, inner corner, tip of the nose, cupids bow and on top of my cheek-bones. This is a shimmery nude colour so even if during the night it fades, you will get little flecks of glitter on your face which will also add to the party theme.

WP_20150218_15_58_03_Pro WP_20150208_13_47_22_ProWP_20150218_15_56_26_ProLastly is the lips. You need to create bold lips to fit in with the bold liner and bold highlighter but you also need that little bit of shimmer (how many times have I said ‘shimmer’ in this blog post?!). I used this lip/eye liner in this nude-ish colour with added shimmer (there it is!) around the lips then filled in with my Natural Collections Moisture Shiner Lipstick in Crimson lightly. As you can tell I didn’t fill in the inner corners (is that what it’s called?) because I think it was 1920’s where they had like doll-like makeup. Am I making that up? I think I am. Sorry!

So there is my Great Gatsby Inspired Makeup Tutorial. If you would like me to do an actual look from the film, then do let me know and I will get to it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and to make it a more day-to-day look, perhaps a thin line of eyeliner, very little highlighter if any at all and a more neutral lip.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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