And They Call It, Puppy Love | Alternative Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Good Afternoon, Munchkins!

Today I will be showing you how to create another Valentine’s Day look (check out the one I did yesterday HERE) despite it now being the 15th of February. Pre-plan for next year! I love this one, when I created this it was just an idea but when I put it on my face today I was like ‘oh, oh, oh, yep, never come off my face’. I love this so much and if I’m feeling a bit wild I might wear it when it isn’t Valentine’s. Oh yeah, it’s that good! Also, it’s so quick and easy, if your in a rush you can just chuck some face products onto your face (the product not the bottle. Do not want to be held responsible for that) and spend time on this because it’s so God damn gorgeous.

On my face chart today I wrote that it doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s, it could also be for a Cancer Research event. My whole family support Cancer Research UK and this could fit in with that so it’s a very versatile look (is versatile the word, I think it is, isn’t it?).

I’m so proud of this look, so now I will finally talk you through it.

Little side note: how much are you loving these cheesy titles? Someone had to do it, and as always, it’s going to be me!


‘Just a piece of paper’, you may be thinking. This piece of paper holds today’s holy grail, my Munchkins, the holy grail.




Today I am going to first of all use my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and my Model’s Own Blending Brush (when don’t I use this brush?!).


I first applied Venus (the first colour on the left) all over my lid. I have today changed angles to yesterday’s horrible photos but it still doesn’t show up. Anyway, this colour is a slightly shimmery nude and you know what, there really is not enough shimmer in this world!


I next applied a mixture of Naked 2 and Faint (the two brown colours, the lighter and then a little bit of the darker) into my crease add definition. I love this simple little tip, cannot go a day without it.



Then I took a Pink Glitter Liquid Liner (I can’t remember the brand, sorry! It is magazine though!) and just applied it on my upper lash line with a little flirty wing at the end. I’m what’s probably considered a beginner at winged eyeliner and I’m fine with that because that means when I do things like this and it looks grand I can be super chuffed with myself! It might make some of you die inside, but it makes me so proud!

Here is the finished (eyes) look:



For lips you can use the same lipstick that I mentioned yesterday which was Essence’s Lipstick in Kiss You. You might want to opt for another baby pink though as this one is shimmer and you might look like a walked particle of glitter which is not what the intended look is. In the comments below you can write some suggestions.

I know I don’t really mention what to put on the rest of face but I think for this look (I’m going on reviews here, not personal use) I think perhaps Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer. These are hugely hyped about (as you probably know) and I’m dying to get my hands on one but they will make you look really alive and awake which is what you want for Valentine’s Day really.

So, I think that’s everything. As ever, leave suggestions down in the comments for what makeup tutorials you want to see, what reviews or brands you want me to write about etc. You guys really make me so happy, I love hearing from you, whatever the message may be!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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