Love Is In The Air | Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Good Afternoon, Munchkins on this cloudy Valentine’s Day!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will know that today is the 14th of February (A.K.A. Valentine’s Day) and for those that are single, much like myself, this is a very lonely, harsh time. I know one day I will love Valentine’s Day because eventually I’ll have someone to spend it with, but until then, I will be creating makeup tutorials on it for you.

I have an alternative version which I’ll be uploading tomorrow as this version is a lot more lonely-little-soul-who-only-puts-effort-into-makeup (basically me!). What I’m trying to say is this one is probably more for those more confident or would wear it on a night out and probably 100 times better than myself. I would wear this with my everyday makeup (find blog post HERE) as that is what I own! Wow, good sentence structure, Rach!

Also, just going to put it out there, it was my birthday yesterday! I’m now 14 years old! I just want to thank all my friends and family for being such good eggs and buying me loads of lovely things which I will use until no longer humanly possible. This past years gone so fast, it’s crazy! And I’m going to see Bodyguard tonight with Alexandra Burke in. Oh, yeah, check me out! Expect a blog post on my look soon!

Couple of little disclaimers: 1. Sorry for the camera quality, in real life it was a lot brighter, I can assure you and 2. I hadn’t done my usual makeup yet as I’m waiting for tonight which is why my face looks kind of terrible. Anyway, on with the blog post!

To help create this little beginner’s masterpiece, I made my own face chart to plan things out. I know you can get actual brand ones but I haven’t got any, so enjoy my drawing skills! If you know of any good, affordable ones, let me know in the comments and I’ll look into getting some. I followed this exact plan so you can make it bigger to read for yourself (if it’s not big enough) and get on with it or watch/read my step-by-step points.


I only used one little quad on my eyes which was this heart-shaped one from Claire’s with 4 shades of pink. I got this a few years ago and, although the pictures don’t show it, it’s surprisingly pigmented and actually quite gorgeous. I’m not sure if you can still get them as it came in a huge box of Claire’s makeup for Christmas (this was seriously when I was 9 or 10) but I’ll try my best to look for a link.


I only used one brush for this look which was the Model’s Own Blending Brush which you know I love and use constantly.


First step is to get your Model’s Own Blending Brush and coat it in the lightest colour of the heart (the middle one). Just apply this all over the lid. This colour is so beautiful. it’s like a white-sugar-plum sort of colour, just amazing. This is where I wish I just hadn’t taken pictures at all.


Next use the colour on the top right but take only a small bit on your brush for each eye – it’s very bright! The picture doesn’t show it but it’s like what I would call (Miranda moment there!) an 80’s colour; very bright and vibrant. This took a lot of blending to make it look more natural so only take a little bit at a time.


Then you can take the colour on the top left and use that on the outer V (outer crease and down to your lash line from the outside) using circular motions. Again, don’t take too much on your brush as if you slip, you will look like your lover’s Edward Scissorhands, which, hopefully, he isn’t. Make the line as smooth and faded as possible because it’s Valentine’s Day, you want to look cute and flirty, not harsh and strict.


Finally (for the eyes), take the bottom colour and lightly run it along your lower lash line (notice in my face chart I said ‘lower lid’. Very clever!). Be very light with this step as this brush in particular is quite wide, but blending can be used if needed.


This is what your eyes should look like in the end (thankfully this photo’s a tiny bit clearer, but that means you see my horrendous eyebrows, sorry!):


For eyelashes I would use a thickening and curling mascara as well as an eyelash curler. This will make your eyelashes look a lot more fluttery and cuter which is perfect for a date. You can apply eyeliner but I’ve left it out because it will be used in tomorrow’s blog post which is completely different and I know you’ll also love.

For lips you will want to keep it quite pink-y so I would recommend using Essence’s Lipstick in Kiss You. It’s a very sheer light pink with glitter in which is one reason why I didn’t take a picture of it on me. My lips are very pigmented so only the glitter shows up and I didn’t want it to look too in your face considering the failed eyes. It does smell amazing though! I’m not too sure where you can get Essence from in the UK as I got this in the Republic of Ireland and that’s Europe, not the UK. I’m really thick when it comes to Geography, sorry!


So there is my first ever makeup tutorial! I had planned this already, but it’s kind of also to celebrate that last weekend I hit 100 followers! That just overwhelms me, I cannot thank you enough! When I first started this blog I didn’t think one person would choose to read it, and now I’m here, it’s insane! Thank you!

If you would like to see more makeup tutorials (I have a few more planned) then let me know and also what makeup tutorials do you want to see next? I’m up to doing anything and I will give it a good go if I can’t do it right! What brands? Any particular look? What specific colours? Events? Inspired? Let me know!

I think that’s everything so thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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