Christmas Money Haul

Hello there Munchkins on this Friday afternoon.

I’ve got a day off school so thought I’d blog for you because I’m just like that! Today I’m going to share with you some things I’ve bought this past month with the money I received at Christmas. I haven’t bought this all in one go but I received an Amazon gift voucher and some money from my Nan as she had an accident early in December so just gave everyone money. So, onto the haul.


The first few things I bought from Amazon were these 3 DVD’s. I’ve wanted to see all these since they’d come out/I’d heard about them. The main reason I bought Bridget Jones’s Diary was because if you remember I mentioned that in the Summer I read the book and fell in love with it. However, I have not yet had time to watch it. I bought The Woman In Black because I’ve wanted to see this for ages and also I’m doing in Drama so thought I should get a slight understanding (though I do realize the play is nothing like the film). And lastly I bought Romeo and Juliet because I’ve been wanting to see it since it came out and Hailee Steinfield was amazing when I saw Ender’s Game, so I have high hopes for her in this film.


Next are these 4 Glitter Candles. Lord knows I’m addicted to glitter and candles so when I found these on Amazon I nearly died with excitement. They weren’t very much either (£2 something?) which is a bonus. As you can tell I haven’t used them yet but you will see why in a second. They aren’t scented but I wouldn’t want to sniff them in case I sniff glitter, because that is not fun!


Ta-dah! A huge pillar watermelon scented candle! I hadn’t ordered this (I’d ordered the tin version) but due to some reason about running out of tins they sent us this massive 100 hour one! I’ve used nearly every night since I’ve had it and oh my God does it smell good! This makes me so happy and makes me look forward to Summer even more!



The last thing I bought from Amazon was this Listography book. I saw Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) talking about one in one of her ancient vlogs and have wanted to get one ever since. It’s basically a book with a heading (for example, ‘countries you’ve been to’) and you just fill it out. I keep this next to my bed along with my copy of the Pointless Book for when I get bored because it  really helps kill the boredom. I don’t use it everyday but it’s nice to have! Also, the cover feels nice. Only book lovers will know what I mean by that! I also write the date/s that I filled it out on so I can just look back and smile at myself! There are some I can’t fill out yet like ‘how I’ve changed since my teenage years’ but I look forward to filling them out from 20 on-wards! The page I’ve shown you has the heading ‘people from history you would like to have a conversation with’.


Now onto other things that aren’t from Amazon. First off is this top from ASOS/New Look. It’s a bardot 1/2 sleeve top in Petite. They also sold it in 3/4 length sleeves but I wanted it for Summer and thought half sleeve would be bad enough! I’m so looking forward to matching this with maxi skirts/skater skirts for the Summer as that has been my dream since last year. Also, this is when I realize my torso isn’t Petite and it’s actually like a crop top. I have pulled it down for your convenience though! And sorry about the messy room around me!

WP_20150130_10_29_59_ProNext from Superdrug I got this Zoella Beauty Bag. I’ve wanted one of these bags for ages and as this is the newest one I decided to get this one! Aside it having one of my fave Zoella quotes, the gold spots and baby pink colour. It now contains my everyday makeup (blog post is HERE) and there is still plenty of room. I think I’ll also take it away with me on Weekends or short break with my lip balm, travel size moisturizer and bands for my brace (if I still have my brace!!!) there is that much extra room in there. I’ve seen people using the bags as pencil cases and it honestly pains me so much! Haha, just me?


The other thing I bought from Superdrug is this GOSH Defining Brow Gel in 001 Translucent. If you read my makeup routine blog post you will know that I ran out of eyebrow setting gel months ago, therefore needing a new one. Well, here it is! I haven’t heard much about GOSH, I thought it was an American brand in Sephora or something. Obviously not! There are a few colours you can buy but I just prefer a clear one for practicality purposes!



The last thing I bought was from Makeup Studio which was a Lip Liner in no.11 Funky. I thought this was a deep red but when I actually received it saw it was a berry colour. That’s fine with me as it means I get to experiment a lot more and that makes me happy! I only found out about Makeup Studio because of NikkieTutorials and I’m very glad I did! I think it is a European brand but hey ho, they deliver to the UK and that’s just grand with me!

So there we go. I hope you enjoyed this haul, I haven’t done one in ages and love watching/reading them myself. If you would like me to do a review or just go into further detail with anything I’ve mentioned then do let me know and I will be sure to do it for you. Sorry I couldn’t find the link to the glitter candles or the lip liner, you might have to search around for those.

Also, just a few little updates. On March 24th I am having my brace off (which I briefly touched on a minute ago) and I’m so freaking happy, I cannot even tell you. After 2 and a half years, I will actually be able to feel smooth teeth! Also, I’m planning to start doing some makeup tutorials. I’ve got a few lined up but if you let me know anything you want me to do in particular I’ll have a go!

So thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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