OOTD #1 – Comfort Day

Good Evening Munchkins!

This isn’t going to be very long, I just wanted to do my first proper OOTD (Outfit of the Day for those non-internet addicts!) and write just a chatty kind of blog post. Sorry if this isn’t something that particularly tickles your pickle or was worth waiting a week for, but ya know. A girl has to have a break sometimes from hardcore Beauty posts!

So this is what I’ve been wearing today (paired with blue converse when I did leave the house momentarily):


Shirt: Matalan (from about 2 and a half years ago, might I just add)

Vest Top: M&S (I think? That’s what the label says anyway!)

Leggings: New Look/ASOS

I was inspired to wear this by Sprinkle of Glitter in one of her recent videos (which I’ll link HERE) where she wore a green checked shirt with a white vest top. I got this shirt before I went to America in 2012 and I normally would wear it with a black vest top underneath but the blonde has just inspired me! The last time I wore this was Feb last year, I think, and I wouldn’t have thought about wearing it honestly if it wasn’t for her. I’ve done one of the middle buttons up in order to accentuate my curves which slightly reminded me of Michelle Visage on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. You can either wear the sleeves buttoned at the wrists or rolled up (this one has a button to clip onto for that purpose) and I just prefer them rolled up. The only issue is this top is slightly too big so it’s ended up being very low-cut and so isn’t very practical for this weather. Overall, it isn’t my most favourite outfit I’m not going to completely blank it out of my mind like I had previously done.

I also just wanted to tell you about my day because I’ve had a really nice day and it’s my kind of ‘Comfort Day’. I went out at about 10 this morning with my Mum to go to the Post Office and walk the dog for about half an hour. We then went to Tesco to pick up some ingredients for an ‘Olaf Cake’ which we later made.

I know this is probably the worst blog post you’ve ever stumbled across but if you want more OOTD’s then do let me know. Again sorry, but I’m very tired! Haha.

So thank you for reading (hopefully tomorrow will be better),

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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