I Like Long, Romantic Walks To The Makeup Aisle | My Everyday Makeup Routine 2015

Good Afternoon Munchkins!

Sorry for not uploading yesterday but I went back to school this week and realised my brain fell out of my head, so took hours to do what is normally very basic homework tasks! Sorry about that. I decided I would share with you my Everyday Makeup Routine as I loved showing you my Hair Routine last week and I thought it was about time I did so.

Just as a little disclaimer, I’m 13, don’t have as much makeup as some other bloggers do and only wear Makeup on weekends if I’m leaving my house. I started wearing makeup every weekend for over a year now and I’ve just elaborated it as time’s gone on, this isn’t how I’ve always done it. Don’t feel you have to do everything I do or feel bad you don’t wear the same amount (whether that’s more or less) this is what I feel most comfortable doing 2 days a week and it’s not extremely time consuming either which is a major key in my life! Right, I think I’ve gone on too much, let’s get on with the Routine!



I first apply a tiny amount of Tesco’s Smoothing Body Lotion to my face where it is needed. I know people are going to be like ‘that’s a body lotion, not a moisturiser’ but as far as I’m concerned it does the same job! Also, I have red cheeks so the Aloe Vera that’s in it calms it slightly just before makeup application. I don’t like slapping on a lot of body lotion/moisturiser on my face before I put on my makeup as it can make my skin a bit sticky and I’m impatient so I don’t want to wait 5 minutes for it to sink it. Hence just putting it on the dry areas. This isn’t always needed but thought I’d include it!


I then apply a thin/thick (you’ll see why I put both of those in a bit) of Body Shop’s Born Lippy in Strawberry. I’ll be doing a review on this next week so I won’t say too much but I’ve hit the bottom so I’ll soon have to say goodbye to my baby! I would recommend getting one of these (there are loads of flavours to choose from) but if you want a full on detailed recommendation then wait until Saturday (considering my brain has come back! Joking, joking!).


Next I pluck my eyebrows with these Pete the Panda tweezers from Primark. I got these from Primark from my Chummy for Christmas and I used them for the first time the other day. They are so much better than my old ones, I love them! You can pluck hairs that are quite difficult to get to which I love because if I miss like one week of not plucking my eyebrows I turn into the Gruffalo, honestly! My only slight dilemma with these is I don’t know why I have two. I think they’re both tweezers, one might me for gems or something I don’t know. I use the one on the left but the one with the smaller metal bit just confuses me and slightly scares me. Is it a weapon, is a makeup application device, who knows?! Please help me! Haha that escalated very quickly!


I know some people are going to think I’m weird for this but just hear me out. This is the concealer I use, Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer in Natural Beige (004, I think?), and I apply it with the Model’s Own Lip Brush. I know it’s a Lip Brush but I don’t have a concealer brush and I only tend to apply it to my under-eye circles. It’s very pointed and get’s into the corners properly, which I like. I’m sorry, OK?! Haha. What I first of all do when applying this is put a little bit on the back of my hand and then use the brush to transfer it to my under-eye circles. I find this way it comes out a lot thinner on the brush than if you went just from the stick itself and this way you can build it up or leave it as it is, depending on your under-eye/blemish concealer. I’ve had this concealer about a year now and I’ve learnt how to work with it but it can be quite hard in the beginning. I find that my concealer and powder (which I’ll show you in a second) manage to conceal most of my horrible face to be able to walk around the shops but if you have a lot of blemishes you might need something a bit thicker. Also, that colour it way too dark for me but my powder lightens it a lot.


I have two powders, one for Winter (when I’m pale, the top one) and one for Summer (when I have more of a tan, the bottom one). It will honestly be amazing if I remember the names of these; I think the top one is Collection’s Sheer Loose Powder in No. 2 Translucent and the bottom one is No.7’s Perfect Light Loose Powder in No.15 Medium. I apply these two with Model’s Own Powder Brush by simply patting them onto my face. At the moment I’m using the Collection one and I love it so much. I don’t know if it’s still being sold as my Mum gave it to me and she’s had it since I can remember, so sorry. It’s the perfect colour for me and also has the perfect coverage for me! It does wear during the day and make me look kind of dead, but rather that than looking orange during these Winter months. For those that want to know I started using my Collection one in October and will start using my No.7 one in April/May, depending on the good ol’ British weather! I’m a little disappointed with the No.7 one, especially as it’s higher end drugstore brand but I’ll see if I can make it work this year! I don’t wear foundation for the sheer fact I don’t own any but I was taught to tap the powder on otherwise you’re just brushing the foundation away. I do this as well due to my extremely Bipolar face but brush off excess at the end so I don’t look like I’ve just come out of a baker’s!


This a newer edition to my Makeup Routine, the Technic Pencil Eyeliner in Black. This is an eyeliner I got from a magazine but when I went with my Dad and Brother to get my Mum some lovely stuff from Boots at Christmas I did see a Technic Makeup Kit in the aisle we were in so it does exist! I use this on my upper waterline (I’ve heard it be called the ‘tightline’ but I’m not too sure) which can prove painful at times and takes some time but I really like the effect it gives. I do have very dark, thick lashes as it is but I like how it makes it just that little bit thicker. Don’t do this if you don’t feel confident or don’t like lifting up your eye lid to get to the ‘upper waterline’ (I feel so stupid saying that, I’m sure it’s wrong!) because I can kind of see how some can be a bit freaked out by it. As I just mentioned, I do lift my eye lid to get to my ‘upper waterline’ which some say isn’t so good for you, but if I just look up I go through my eyelashes to my eye lid itself. If you do have any better methods do let me know and that goes for this whole blog post really. I’m no professional!


By this point in the morning my eyebrows and I have kind of gotten sick of each other. One time at school, some of the older year groups came round to do a questionnaire for one of their lessons and one of the questions was ‘What Do You Not Like Most About Yourself?’. My answer: my eyebrows. And it is true to this day. As I said before, they do get out of hand really easily so they do need setting. You can kind of see that in this kit (the Technic Complete Brow Kit, the writing’s slightly rubbed off) there’s a tube which once upon a time contained a setting gel. It has since been finished but I still use the brush to comb through the beasts and settle them slightly. I don’t fill them in as they are quite thick (not Alfie Deyes but with no plucking for a week, I’d be a look alike!) so I can’t really help you on that one!


Every girl’s staple product: mascara. This is one I got from the magazine I get (same as the Technic stuff) which is Shout and I think this is from the ‘Mirror Mirror’ collection, I’m not sure. Everyone knows how to use mascara but I brush down first of all to thicken the lashes then up to open my eyes up. I was taught this at a makeup lesson (same with the powder) and have never looked back! I don’t do my bottom lashes though as I look like a drag queen and I don’t really want that for an Everyday Look. Sorry. This is soon to run out though so I will be moving onto a Makeup Revolution one, for those that want to know! Little tip, if your mascara is drying up, but a little bit of water in and shake it. I’ve already done this so I don’t think it will work a second time! I’m pretty sure everyone knows that trick, but for those that don’t, there you go!


The next thing I use is Technic’s (what a surprise!) Blusher Duo in Set 2 and I use the side that you can see more, the lighter pink. I’ve mentioned this before and it is a newer edition like the eyeliner. I’ve also mentioned about looking kind of dead with just my powder so this is what I do to make me look more alive. I’m going to admit, Technic isn’t exactly MAC or Zoeva but for those just starting to learn about colours and how to apply it is a brand I would recommend. This blusher isn’t really pigmented and that’s why I like it because it’s slowly edging me into the World of Blusher’s. There’s a brush that comes with it which I use (though I don’t particularly like it that much) because I don’t want it to mix with my powder and end up looking like a fairy! The brush isn’t that soft and it’s small but it does what it says on the tin. Sometimes if it’s looking a bit too powdery then I will take my Model’s Own Powder Brush to blend it all together but that’s it and don’t brush too harshly as it will get rid of the powder. It’s a nice blusher for Winter; it reminds me of Snow Fairies!


This links to how much I put on of my Born Lippy as in the past few months I haven’t applied this due to my lips being so dry and chapped *cringes* but I do like it. This is Rimmel London’s Vinyl Gloss Lip Gloss in Crystal Clear. I used this almost everyday in the Summer and I also add it to matte lipsticks if the occasion demands gloss (which it tends to with me!). I have quite pigmented lips so sometimes I can just get away with a clear lip gloss. Again, I recommend a clear lip gloss or tinted lip balm (like Born Lippy) to any beginner as it will help build your confidence. The smell of this is amazing and I’m so looking forward to wearing it again this year! If I was going to wear this I would only apply a thin layer of lip balm before hand so it can sink it while I’m doing the rest of my face.

And that is it! This has been a very long blog post, a lot longer than expected! If you have any Makeup Items you think I must try do let me know because my birthday’s coming up, so I’ll be able to ask for it and hopefully get it! Also, leave your own tips and tricks in the comments for myself and other’s to read or if you have any questions I will try and answer and help if I can!

So thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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