Survival of the Fittest | O.P.I V.S. Tanya Burr

Good Evening Munchkins! Today I will be comparing Tanya Burr’s nail polish in ‘Riding Hood’ and O.P.I’s ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’. I love both of these nail polishes and you know I’ve mentioned the O.P.I one more times than I can remember. I think you’ll be shocked by what I found out and may have your own opinion which you write in the comments below.

Just some background info first. I chose to compare these two polishes as these were the two I’ve been wearing these holidays and I thought they were similar colours. They sort of are but O.P.I has more shimmer and is more pinky whereas Tanya Burr is a deeper red. I love both of these colours so much and will be a staple in my life forever more. Also, I don’t use a base or top coat which I know is really bad but then I can truly see what the nail polishes are like and I don’t actually own one. Lastly, the bottles are very significant in size difference because my O.P.I is a tester one and ‘Riding Hood’ is the full sized one. So now we’ve got that out the way, let’s begin the reviews.


First of all the bottles. Both (as far as I’m aware) are glass which is quite scary if you are travelling with it. I do quite like the shape of bottle of the O.P.I brand but for some reason I’m more drawn towards the Tanya Burr bottles. I’m not sure why, maybe I just prefer the shape. I do like both but yeah. I also quite like how big the lid is on ‘Riding Hood’ as it makes it easier to hold rather than wrapping your fingers round the ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ lid hundreds of times. I also like how the logo on ‘Riding Hood’ is white so you can properly see it whereas you can’t really see the black writing on the O.P.I label. Obviously this is suited to the colour in the bottle but I do prefer it.

Before I say anything about the product itself, I do love both of them and will use them both until they run out. This is quite hard to do, to be honest with you. For ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ you only really need one coat and maybe another to tidy up. It might be because I’ve had it around a year now but I find it doesn’t go on that smoothly. If you have a steady hand you will only need the one coat but (like me) some might have to do two coats to try and cover up their first mistakes. I applied this Christmas Eve so it was all nice and fresh for Christmas. After Winter Wonderland on Boxing Day or maybe the day after it had already chipped a lot on one of my fingers. This really disappointed me but I had been pretty busy in those few days. Not all my fingers chipped that badly or at all but it was so obvious and looked really bad. Sorry!


I was really pleasantly surprised when I tried out Tanya Burr’s nail polish. You can get this from Superdrug, so is a drugstore product and wasn’t expecting amazing results. I painted my nails Monday night and it’s only chipped a tiny little bit and it’s hardly noticeable at all. I got this at Christmas but it was so easy to apply but I did give it two coats just to make sure. You will need quite a few coats to match the colour in the bottle but I’m not that far off! This isn’t very much either and has definitely set my standards high for her other nail polishes. I love this so much, I recommend it to everyone. Also, it matches my Christmas Dress perfectly!


To sum up, if I was to recommend either of these to a girl of my age I would say Tanya Burr’s ‘Riding Hood’ because it’s really easy to get hold of (find it HERE and HERE), it’s cheap and lasts for a week which tends to be how long most of our holidays are. However, if it was someone who had an O.P.I nail polish in mind to try out, I would recommend ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress‘. It’s the perfect mix between a deep red and a deep pink and has shimmer and it just makes me want to bathe in it! I will definitely be re-buying Tanya Burr nail polishes when this runs out or just to try the other colours because you do get a lot for your money and my O.P.I set was a gift so I probably can’t afford to re-buy them. Also, you have to go on Amazon or something to get them as there are no shops that sell them that I know of. Maybe in London but it’s not that easy to get up there from where I am.

If you have any nail polishes you think I should try leave them in the comments below or what you found with each of these brands. I’m interested to see what you think! This was a lot quicker than what I expected!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S. Tomorrow I go back to school *sad face* so I should next be uploading on Saturday 10th. Thank you!


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