For Auld Lang Syne | Blogging Resolutions 2015

Good Afternoon Munchkins! How was last night for you? I saw the New Year in and I love the music they produce when the fireworks go off outside the Houses of Parliament, just love it! Today I will be just quickly mentioning some things that will be a little bit different this year (I can’t believe it’s 2015 already!) and yeah. This isn’t really that interesting, it’s just a tiny update.

The first thing (which I’ve been doing for a while anyway) is uploading Saturday and Sunday. This is going to be a lot harder as I go back to school but it’ll be worth it! During the holidays I will blog every day and have the odd day off like I have in these 2 weeks or just blog whenever I can if I’m going away. Of course I will let you know if it’s physically impossible to upload that week in which case I’ll do it on a weekday but that will be more at the time because I’m not sure what’s going on for this year at the moment. Very looking forward to this new schedule as I love blogging so much!

The second thing is that I want to do more Beauty and Fashion related blog posts rather than Teenage Life. My blogs full name is ChummyR – Beauty, Fashion and Teenage Life and last year I only really did the latter because it was easier and I could talk about myself (gonna be blunt about it!). I’m started to become obsessed with Beauty and Fashion again so have planned many blog posts of that genre for this month. If I do get requests to do a Teenage Life one or feel it is necessary to do one I will but I will mainly be makeup, clothes and skincare!

As I said before, this was a quick little blog post just pointing some new things out but it is back to normal tomorrow where they are proper decent blog posts. I feel like I haven’t written too much but I don’t really need to otherwise I’m boring those who don’t really care which is practically all of you.

I’m very looking forward to the future of ChummyR, do let me know if you have any suggestions or requests and I will get to them as soon as the natural blonde can get to it!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx



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