Let’s Take a Pinch of Happiness . . . | 2014 Highlights

Good Evening Munchkins! As it is the 31st of December I decided I would share with you my 2014 Highlights. Also, even if I do say so myself, I love today’s title. Not only is it the song everyone sings at midnights (what’s it called?) it’s such a good tip for life. Take some happiness into the New Year and make it last! On every blog I read, the blogger has said how quickly the year has gone, and I’ve got to agree with them. So much has happened so quickly and despite certain things, this has been one of the best years! So, here I present to you my 2014 Highlights, enjoy!

New Baby –

In July I got myself a new third cousin! I know that sounds like a lot of generations away, but my family is so close so it doesn’t feel that far away. He is just the cutest and has been the first baby in about 4 years, so much excitement for the little one. I know everyone says that about a new baby, but it’s so true! Last time I saw him was October but I saw photos on Facebook of him and his older brother in Woody and Buzz LightYear outfits. My heart nearly stopped, I’m not even joking! Much love to my fam-a-lam in the New Year, even though no one reads this!

Volunteered To Help Open a Shop – 

In October I helped open my Mum’s friends shop, Sew Creative. It was such a fun day and despite being what I thought was terrible at crafts, I’ve started to love it and really started getting into it. I wish the whole crew there a very Happy New Year and hopefully your shop to be as successful as it has been these past 2 months.

Started a Blog and Kept It Running (!) –

The major Highlight of this year is I started this here blog, ChummyR :). I will dedicate a whole blog post to this but yeah, I’d just like to thank you guys so much for staying with me this year because without your support I wouldn’t have been given the confidence to carry on what I’m doing. Happy New Year, Munchkins, you make me so happy with your support and comments, you really deserve a decent 2015.

Started a Diary – 

I know this is going to sound really stupid but in the Summer I started a diary (find the main blog post about it HERE). I just thought it was a great way to express myself and say the things I want to say without getting into any trouble (I’m not particularly offensive, mainly just normal teenage things like friends). Also, it’ll be nice to look over when I’m old.

Met Joey Essex – 

Way back in January I met Joey Essex who (for those that don’t know) is a reality TV star in the UK and is from shows like TOWIE. He smells really nice! We only had a photo because there was the world’s biggest queue, but it was still so cool! It was also my first time in a nightclub, so ya know. Had a very good night out. To see what I wore, click HERE. Warning, my old blog posts aren’t the best things! Happy New Year, Joey!

Saw One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer Live –

One of the things I will remember most in my life, I think. As a birthday present, I went to go see One Direction live at Wembley with 5 Seconds of Summer supporting in the Summer. It was easily one of the most fun experiences of my life. They make me just want to die, I love them so much. Little bit exaggerated, but who cares? If I ever met Harry Styles properly, I will just stop breathing. At least I’d die happy! To have a quick look at what I wore, click HERE. Happy New Year, boys!

I Wore Things I Was Too Scared To Wear –

This is going to be a really cheesy, fat girl Highlight, but it’s so true. At the beginning of this year, I thought I could conquer the world because I would wear dresses. 12 months later I’ve worn shorts on a number of occasions, I’m missing skirts desperately and even wear a skort for P.E. I’ve lost no weight (if any put on like 3 pounds!) but my confidence has grown and that could be due to who I now look up to (hello there Louise Pentland and Meghan Trainor!) or even this blog. It’s made me so much happier and I care a lot less about what people think and that is just the best feeling! Quick tip if you have a new piece for your wardrobe you want to try out, go to a massive city. If I have new clothes I tend to wait to wear them until I go up to London or somewhere like that because you can get away with anything in London and it will help your confidence massively. Obviously don’t change your whole life to get there, but it is a good tip!

Meghan Trainor Came Into My Life – 

Those who have been here a while will know how much I love Meghan Trainor. I am completely straight but it’s Meghan Trainor! When ‘All About That Bass’ came out, I initially loved the vintage/60’s vibe then I properly listened to the lyrics and I just knew I needed her in my life. Her body confidence, the way she embraces her body shape, the way she imparts her confidence with her fans. I want to be her! Just looking at her, I’d say we’re the same sort of size and she’s just too much to handle! She is just my inspiration for everything, and I’m so happy for her. It’s weird because I used to get bullied by a girl called Meghane and now I’m kind of in love with another Meghan! Happy New Year, Meghan, as if you’ll read my blog!

Took Part in my Counties Book Awards – 

This took place in the Summer and we met the author last month. This was so fun to take part in and Happy New Year to Chris Bradford, who was the winner! I don’t want to say too much about it, but it was good experience, and it’s going on my CV!

I Turned 13! –

Finally, on February 13th, after all my friends being 13 for what seemed like years, I turned a year older! This is such a significant age – you turn into a teenager, you choose your options etc. When I first turned 13 I was so excited but now it’s just another number! That happens a lot, yet we still build ourselves up that much!

Brace Improvements –

By this I mean that I got bands on my brace with will help my overbite and then I should be done with my brace! We’ve all kind of guessed this was my last Christmas with braces which makes me so happy considering this is the third Christmas I’ve had them. I’m so looking forward to my brace being off and my teeth being perfect!

I Finally Went To Italy! – 

I’ve been wanting to go to Italy for so long now (like years) and I finally went to Amalfi in August! It was just perfect and I so want to go back. It’s so beautiful there, I really recommend going there!

Hit 89 Followers! –

I don’t mean I literally ‘hit’ 89 people, that’s just the amount of followers I have at this moment in time. I remember writing a blog post in Spring (?) about how I loved my little blog and how I loved it how it was and that maybe one day it’ll increase from a community into a village, then into a town, then a city. I know this is completely metaphorical but I still live by that and all of you out there have been so supportive and great. I’d rather this than hundreds that never supported me whatsoever! I love you so so much. 89 people is just too many the fathom! It’s crazy, especially only after a year!

I know this hasn’t been the best or most original blog post at this time of year but might as well join the trend! What have been your highlights for this year? Or what could I do to improve my blog and make it better for you guys?

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you enjoy welcoming the New Year in whatever way you do it! For me it’s going to be cuddled up by the fire watching TV!

Thank you so much for reading and see you next year!

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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