Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful . . . | Winter Favourites 2014

Good Evening Munchkins! I’ve just accidentally deleted this blog post, and it was extremely long so if this blog is a bit less long and detailed, that may be why! Also, I do realise it is no longer Christmas, but it’s not the end of December. That means it’s not the end of Blogmas, you lucky things! Which is why the title is still a Christmas song. Without any further ado, let’s press on *man with movie board appears and says ‘Take 2’*.

The first product I want to show you is this TRXYE Jumper I got for Christmas. I love this jumper so so much, it’s so warm and soft and thick for those who think practically! TRXYE for those that don’t know is the EP by YouTuber Troye Sivan and this is therefore the merchandise. I also love the EP, but yeah. The lettering isn’t as much as a bother as you would think (peeling, cracking, etc.) but I’ve only just put it in the wash basket, so time will tell! The reason this picture looks so much different to all the other’s is because I took it last night before I put it in the wash. This and my Olaf jumper are going to be all I wear for the rest of Winter, I swear.


The next thing I would like to mention is Quick Notes. I know this going to sound really geeky and all but this has been the key reason to me being so organised this month. Practically all my blogs have been planned on there. I have a Nokia Lumia 365 (learnt the numbers at last!) and is a Windows phone, so it is only (as far as I’m aware) available on Windows devices, but you can prove me wrong if you want. If you have a Windows device, I definitely recommend using this. This was already an app on my phone when I got it, so you only need to hunt for it really.

This won’t come as a shock to many, but my favourite nail polish this season has been O.P.I’s ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’. It’s like a pinky/red with shimmer. Heaven in a bottle really. Not only do I love the name but the colour is like the best untraditional Christmas colour going! I won’t say too much about it because I’ve mentioned it so much and there’s going to be one more blog post about it in the coming weeks then it’ll be done, I promise! It is so good though. Save up your pennies and get it! The reason this picture is also a bit different is because I’m using the picture from a previous blog post. Sorry.


I know, I’m late to the bandwagon again. The Great Gatsby. No more needs to be said, I don’t think, but I’ll carry on anyway! I’ve just finished watching the film a few days ago and I’ve started reading the book and oh Lord Above. Leonardo Dicaprio is the best actor going but this is easily my most favourite film he stars in. The whole film I just love, the way it’s been shown, the costumes, the whole way it’s been brought to life. It’s only increased my dreams of going into acting! And, for those that want to know, I so want to be Jordan Baker. She is just so elegant and amazing and yeah. I know she’s supposed to be like tall and slim, but this Jordan is going to have to be short and stout. I actually love Daisy so much, despite people saying they don’t like her because she chose wrong between Jay and Tom (spoilers, ooh!) but I just think she’s stuck between her head and heart. She loves Jay but she’s had a child with Tom so should stay with him. I don’t know, I just love it all so much.


(Sorry for pictures being the wrong way round!)

My penultimate (long word, very proud!) piece of clothing I want to show you is this top from Primark. It was also the inspiration for one of my Blogmas posts titles. It says ‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal’ like in Home Alone and it’s charcoal grey and has glitter and the rolled up sleeves and I just love it so much. It’s so soft (I love soft clothes!) and was only something like £6. I might just have to wear it one more time before I put it away for a year. It’s going to be sad when I do actually have to wait a year to wear it again. Or do you think I could get away with it in June?!


(Once again, sorry for my pictures!)

Makeup wise I have been absolutely loving Tanya Burr’s lipgloss in Mistletoe Kisses. First of all, it was created by YouTuber Tanya Burr, it is red (and I do love red on myself) and it has glitter! I have a bit of a glitter obsession. Just slightly! This is way more pigmented than you would expect (that’s meant in the nicest way) but to build it up to how it looks in the bottle it will need a few layers. As with most lip products, it will need topping up after a couple of hours, but that only means you can stare at the beauty of it more often! I know this is going to sound mad (though real makeup lovers will know what I mean . . . hopefully) but sometimes I just stare into the bottle at the gold and the red and the name and the logo and it just makes me so happy! This is one to get with your Christmas money, I assure you! Also, it’s Limited Edition, so run Forest, run!


As most of you probably know, I love candles. And I love Christmas Scents. May I introduce you to Yankee Candles Icicle. This is just the most gorgeous smelling thing you have ever smelt in your entire life! The only way to describe it is a toned down version of Christmas – not as strong as Christmas but the essence is still there. It is light blue in colour (which I also love) and on the packaging there was a little robin which was too cute. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture because it kind of melted and got stuck in a candle jar when I used it, but just imagine it! I really want the jar of this and I will use it all year round, I don’t care. #Rebel. Haha, oh dear!

If you read last years blog post on my Winter Favourites (which you can find HERE) you would’ve seen that I included my Slipper Boots from Next. Ladies and Gents, they have been upgraded, to One Direction Slipper Boots with pom poms! They are just so perfect and soft and lovely and I just want to rub my face in the inside. These were a Christmas present, so I don’t know where they’re from (sorry). Everyone, no matter who you are, where you’re from, how old you are, you need Slipper Boots in your life. Pom poms and One Direction branding are not compulsory.


My penultimate item to show you is the Lush Limited Edition Fun Bar in Gold with the scent of Honey I Washed The Kids. I love this, so much. It doesn’t look that great, nor does it feel that great, but the smell is just so good, I want to eat it. It is Limited Edition and I’m not sure if you can get it singly because I got in a Christmas Gift Box from my Male Chummy but buy things with the scent, it’s too good to miss! Did I mention it was Gold? Gold means shimmer, my Munchkins! It can be used in multiple ways (for washing yourself, your hair or clothes etc.) which I also love. Gotta love a bargain. I love this so so much, when it is finished, I will hold a funeral for it *que Karen from Outnumbered’s speech when the mouse dies!*. Buy this while you can!


My last (and possibly the best) favourite for Winter is this bobble hat. Meet Pete. He is a little Owl and has pom poms (!!!) and I just love him. If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I’d need a hat because I have thick hair, but I do feel the difference. He doesn’t itch my ears either, which is an added bonus! I do love Pete and will do until death do us part. It’s weird because for Christmas I got some pyjamas from Primark (I asked specifically from Primark because I love pyjamas from there so much, I didn’t ask, that would be rude) with Pete the Panda on them but I think he looks more like an Oscar to be honest. I did get this hat for Christmas so I don’t know where it’s from but you can get bobble hats from anywhere and everywhere these days. He’s so sweet!


(These pictures just have a mind of their own, I swear!)

So those have been my Winter Favourites of 2014. I feel like I haven’t done very well as I deleted my first blog post by mistake and this is kind of like trying to fill in what I’d done. I’m sorry for this not being the best it can be but ya know. Stuff happens in life. I’m about 100 words less, which is kind of disappointing.

This morning you may have also got a notification from my blog saying I had uploaded the ‘2014 Review’ which I had but I just pressed a button, I didn’t write my own words from my own brain like I’m doing now. I thought I’d share my blogging year with you because you are the reason I blog and have carried it on this whole year. I know it’s cheesy, but it’s true, you can’t deny it! I love you lot so much! I feel it’s important that I shared the progress and achievements with you so that you can see what you have done for me because you don’t tend to see that side of it. I have just watched (before writing the first one of this blog) old NikkieTutorials videos including one of her YouTube channels 2 year birthday. Yeah, that old!

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk


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