Baby It’s Cold Outside | How To Handle Cold Days

Good Morning Munchkins. Look who’s being a good egg and uploading super early! Today I thought I’d just include some ways to handle the cold as I’ve lived through 14 winters in my time and I’m from the UK, so it doesn’t come to us lightly. Here are just my little tips on how to keep yourself entertained and stay beautiful (because all Munchkins are, let’s be honest!). If you have any tips yourself or think I’ve left something out you can leave it in the comments below for me read.

Lip Balm –

The first thing you need to have to be able to withstand your beauty (yes, you, reading this, you’re beautiful) is lip balm. I’m currently using the Body Shop’s Born Lippy in Strawberry and have done since the end of October. I will be doing a full review on this in the New Year so I won’t say too much now. If you are on more of a budget there’s always Chapstick which comes in a range of flavours and also Lip Smackers which are available from Claires and come in flavours like Coca Cola and all those lovely things. Love all three of these. I tend to get really dry and chapped lips so I always carry a lip balm around with me and I tend to use tinted lip balms as it adds some subtle colour but also does some magic at the same time.

Moisturiser/Moisturising Soap – 

I now use Moisturiser every other day in my Daily Skincare Routine (again, blog post in the New Year) and I also get really dry skin on my face in the winter as well. I also have oily skin so I’m a complete mixture. Never normal! If you don’t have any Moisturiser there is also Moisturising Soap from Dove which I highly recommend to those with dry skin all over their body. These are bars of soap and they’re the only bars of soap I’ll use because I find most really drying. Love this one though. I don’t have any specific recommendations on Moisturiser because the one I’m currently using is from the Great Western Hotel in Stoke-On-Trent from when I went there earlier in the year. I’m cheap, I know, sorry!

Watch Films – 

Now onto more lifestyle things. I love watching films, especially when there is nothing else to do outside. Whilst I’m writing this I’m watching All Stars on ITV1 and even though it’s a bit young for me, I do love it. I also love the Harry Potter series as they’re really long, fully-packed with action and adventure and are just so good. I’ve grown up with Harry Potter (had the first one on video tape!) and life isn’t the same without it! At the moment I’m halfway through watching The Great Gatsby and need to find some time to finish watching it because so far it is so good. Also, there are loads of Christmas films being aired at this time of year (find my recommendations HERE) for you to watch on practically all channels.

Watch YouTube – 

When I’m not watching films I’m of course watching YouTube. To say I have a slight addiction would be a complete understatement! At the moment I’m obsessing over NikkieTutorials. Again (like always) I have a story to this one. About 4 years ago when I first started getting into makeup I used to watch her, soon stopped watching her, found her again a couple of months ago and have just fallen in love all over again. I love all her makeup looks and tutorials, she’s just wonderfully mad! For those who don’t really like makeup, I also love ThatcherJoe or TimmyFellDownTheWell who does the funniest parodies I’ve ever watched. My life is literally spent on the computer. Oh well!

Listen to Music – 

When I’m blogging or just wandering around the internet (that sounded a bit weird) I always have Spotify on. I’ve had Spotify for the past few years and just listen to it whenever the chance is given to me. At the moment I’m loving Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (who doesn’t?), all Meghan Trainor songs I can find (what I surprise!), 5 Seconds of Summer’s cover of American Idiot and Ben Haenow’s cover of Something I Need. I just want to quickly mention that I was so overwhelmed with happiness when Ben won The X Factor a couple of weeks ago because he’s from the place I was born and just yeah. I don’t know. I can’t explain it! These songs are worth listening to though. There’s also a playlist I’ve been listening to since the beginning of November called ‘Christmas Hits’. Can you blame me?

Have a Night In –

I know from experience it isn’t fun waiting out in the cold for a night out, so instead, grab your favourite onesie, get a duvet, make a hot chocolate and just spend the night in with the ones who mean a lot to you. If your going to go full out, get a takeaway whilst your there as well! Promoting healthy eating for all! Obviously it doesn’t have to be for a night in, it can be a cosy day but every so often these are a real perk! Maybe even put on your favourite film or watch your favourite YouTuber on the TV if you have a Smart TV. Either way, put your feet up and relax.

So those were my 6 steps on how to handle cold days. Let me know what you get up to and maybe I’ll give it a go myself! I’m now taking two days off but I’ll be back with a blog post on Saturday. Have a very Merry Christmas, eat too much, have fun and be with the people you love most!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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