All I Want For Christmas Is You . . . | Winter Makeup Must-Haves 2014

Good Afternoon Munchkins! Today I will be showing you some little bits I’ve been wearing/will be wearing/would wear this Winter. Just as a little disclaimer (is that the right word for this scenario?) I will be getting the Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 Palette for Christmas so I will probably be obsessing over that but I have used all of these products at least once to be able to give you the best possible review. Also, I realise the pictures are very bright and some yellow-y but I think it’s because my light is shining on it, so sorry for quality of pictures.

First off, here’s the little horde we’ve got to get through:


Very nice little selection as you can tell.

The first product I would like to talk about is this nail polish I’ve been crazy about by O.P.I called ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’. I love O.P.I nail polishes as you probably already know but this colour. This is the lipstick I want to go with my Christmas dress. I currently have it on my toes and will be painting it on my fingernails tomorrow all ready for Christmas day. It’s like a deep pink mixed a tiny bit with red with little bits of sparkle to it. It reminds me of Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the first few series. I can already tell this is the colour I’m going to spend my life with.


The next product I would like to mention is this Blusher Duo from Technic (I think it is) in number 2. I use the lighter, pinkier colour everyday over my normal makeup routine (expect a blog post of it in the new year). This brand is one I get in my magazine and so isn’t the best but I just wanted to experiment with blusher and this helped me do so. It’s not very pigmented but it is buildable and has little flecks of glitter in. I’ve always been a bit scared of blusher as I have naturally red cheeks anyway but my powder covers it up so just a little tint it’s very good. I would recommend this brand to anyone who’s just getting into makeup. I do use the brush that comes with (though I don’t like it very much, I find it too much like a brush from a dustpan and brush set texture-wise) because I don’t want it to get into my powder brush and make my whole face look like a fairy. Maybe for Halloween, not for everyday. There is a mirror on the top but it’s small and even though I have a small head I still prefer a bigger mirror. Wow, that sounded vain! (The one I use is the one closest to the camera)


The next product I’m going to tell you about is a makeup palette from BYS though the name (if it had one) has rubbed off. I’ve only used this once or twice but if you look at it, it has all your perfect Christmas colours. There is normal white colour, a darker grey, a lighter grey and a gold, all of which are shimmer. There’s also a grey/silver eye pencil and brush that comes with it. This is another brand I would recommend to those just starting out in makeup as I, again, get it in my magazine so is practically free. I think you could create a really nice Christmas/New Year makeup look with these colours as it just shouts winter and holidays. If I wore eyeshadow everyday, I would probably use these. I really like the pattern on the packaging as well. Sucker for packaging, I am!


I would next like to tell you about the black pencil eyeliner I use everyday from Technic. I’m sure there are better black eyeliners in this world but as someone who started doing this everyday a couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty happy with it. I only apply it to my tight-line (I’ve had the rant from the Mother about how bad it is for your eyes, whilst she was applying black eyeliner to her waterline for a night out. #BritishParentingSkills) but it does sometimes transfer onto the waterline. This could purely be due to how much I put on. I like this effect as it makes the eyelash-line (is that a thing?) look a lot thicker despite my eyelashes being extremely thick as it is. I’ve loved my black eyeliner since I first fell in love with makeup 3 years ago and I’ve never looked back. It does rub off after a few hours but most eyeliners doing seeing as they’re right next your eyeball, so ya know. This is also from the magazine I get. And no, this is not an advert for it, though it does seem like it!


This product is more of a tip and will probably not help you whatsoever, but let’s try and influence some wisdom! In the Summer I use my No7 Light Loose Powder in Medium as it is a little darker than my pale Irish skin tone and I tend to get a bit of a tan (I also have Spanish heritage. I get around!) so it tends to match. In October I swapped my No7 powder to a power my Mum gave me a few months ago which she’s had ever since I can remember. It is a Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder (don’t quote me, it’s not to hand) in number 2 and I swear it’s from the 90’s. The chances of you finding the exact one I have is as likely as marrying Harry Styles, but we all like a try in life don’t we. This one is my exact skin colour, is buildable and has got I’d say medium coverage. It does sink into dry skin but as long as you moisturise it will work for you. I love this powder and I’m going to try and keep it going for as long as physically possible. Love it.


My penultimate (fancy word, well done, Rach) product is a single eyeshadow from an unknown brand that I got from a magazine. I’ve got two pots of these hence why this one isn’t open but this is Mist and I really like silver and glitter and glittery silver and all those lovely things at this time of year which is how it ended up here (hello there, 5 Seconds of Summer song!). It’s quite pigmented for a magazine eyeshadow and is very glittery so is an immediate favourite right there. This can be used on it’s own or just a bit for a whole massive look but if you use it I wouldn’t use too much glitter from other products as the glitter in this eyeshadow can transfer if you aren’t careful. I do use this all year round *memories of Italy come flooding back* but silver is just a Christmas colour, let’s just have it out in the open. Side note: this is by far the worst picture taken today, but trust me, it is a nice colour!


My last Winter Makeup Must-Have is, of course, red lipstick. If you read yesterday’s blog then you would have noticed my slight distress at not knowing what to wear on my lips for Christmas. This is my What-I-Call (only British Munchkins will understand why it’s written in that way, sorry rest of the world!) Hooker Red. I do love this red and I love red lipstick as a whole it just isn’t Christmas Red. Well it is, more like tinsel though than my Christmas Dress. This lipstick I bought from Boots, it’s by Natural Collection and is called Crimson. This was not very much at all but I wear this whenever I get the given chance. If you have the confidence and your lips aren’t chapped yet from this weather, you could wear it everyday but I fit into neither of those categories so am sticking to lip balm. I do recommend this for those on a budget though it does come off and will need reapplying after eating/drinking. I live by this and will do forever more until I find a better yet still cheap alternative.


So there are my Winter Must-Haves of 2014. It’s all well and good me telling you all this but why don’t you tell me yours? Are there any products I must try? What brands would you recommend? It’s Christmas and I am probably getting money from some people, so let me waste it on makeup that I know will do some sort of good!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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