And The Bells Are Ringing Out For Christmas Day | Christmas OOTD

Good Evening Munchkins! (Oh look, another title dedicated to ‘Fairytale of New York’. Yeah, sorry, haha!) Finally, after a year of running this blog I’m doing an OOTD (Outfit of the Day for those, like myself, have to look up what it means). I’ve decided to this to give you some sort of inspiration for a Christmassy outfit though I chose it because I loved it even though it might not float your boat. I know most OOTD’s only really include the pictures and where they’re from but me being me, I need to have a little chat along the way. I am actually wearing this for Christmas Day, by the way.

So here is my outfit:

WP_20141222_10_41_48_Pro WP_20141222_10_42_22_Pro

The dress if from ASOS though I got it about a month ago and was on sale then so sorry if it is no longer in stock. My black high heels are from New Look about 2 years ago as well, so sorry. I will also be wearing this with black tights, though I didn’t really feel the need to show those as we all know what they look like.

I know my phone’s in the way but you can kind of see that on the dress it has a little, white, lace Peter Pan collar which I adore so much. I love collars anyway but this is just the perfect little collar on the perfect little dress. This is from the petite section hence why it’s the perfect length, I haven’t just suddenly grown *sad face*. The material on the dress is like woollen and is therefore very warm. The sleeves are only just past my elbows but I love that kind of thing anyway. It is about halfway down my thigh which I love because I know I’m chubbier than other girls but why should I have to hide my thighs? Diversity is what is needed, let me tell you now. On the website it said it was skater but it looked bodycon. I’ll tell you know, it’s sort of a mixture. From just above the hips the skirt kind of hangs and that makes it so flattering I wanted to cry. I had a choice of angles when taking this photo, it was amazing! Only big girls will understand that. Sorry. I know I’ve written a whole massive paragraph but words cannot describe how much I’m in love with this dress. I want to find more dresses like this and buy them all in loads of different patterns/colours etc. Also, it’s the perfect Christmas Red!

My black high heels are just my baby’s, I’ve had them for two years and I love them so much. They go with everything! This is really good for me as I have so much variety in my wardrobe but these are just too much to handle! They’re about 3/4 inches and do make my feet hurt after a while, but I still love them.

This is where this blog post involves you. For Christmas from my Nan I am getting the Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 Palette. Everyone and their mother knows this palette as I am so slow to the bandwagon, but I would love some advice on what to wear makeup-wise. I have a red lipstick but it’s a Hooker Red and I have a feeling it would clash with my Christmas Red. I have included it in a blog post (which you can find HERE) so tell me what you think and I have been looking at makeup tutorials online but yeah. Would be nice to have some input. Thank you for that :).

I hope you enjoy me doing these as I enjoy making them so yeah. I do have another planned for this month so you can look forward to that.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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