Holidays Are Coming | Coca Cola Van Experience

Good Afternoon Munchkins! Last night myself and my family braved the cold to go see the Coca Cola Van while it was near where we lived to have a picture and get into the Christmas Spirit. This is just going to be a short, chatty blog post for you while I explain the ‘experience’. (Pictures taken on my Nokia Lumia phone, not sure of the number, I’m not that clever!)

There was a load of traffic on the way at certain different points and the woman in front of us said she’d been held in traffic for an hour and a half though I wasn’t sure how far away she lived, it could’ve been somewhere quite far. I got dressed that afternoon in my little Coca Cola top from New Look already excited and in the car ride I was a little sleepy but the cold certainly kept me awake!

We got there and it was in the car park of the world’s biggest ASDA, I swear! I’ve never seen a shop so big! We were a little disappointed that it wasn’t as big as we thought it would be (those fancy camera movements on TV!) but it was so brightly lit up it just didn’t matter. When we first got there there was already a massive queue so we joined it while we could and we took a picture after maybe 50 mins – 1hr but it did go quite quickly. In the beginning it was quite boring because we were just at the front of the shop and could only really see the late night shoppers through the window.

After maybe 20-30 mins we moved to the part where there were some singers with the truck behind them. As well as singing Christmas songs, they participated with the crowd which I always like because it’s not just people doing their job, they’re actually involving people as well. The truck was so brightly lit it made it really feel like Christmas and put you in a really good mood and it didn’t matter that you could no longer feel your feet/hands/any other body part that gets cold, it was just so welcoming. WP_20141219_19_49_59_Pro





I liked how even though it was so cold everything just made you forget about that and they had fake snow around and in the air it was just so perfect. Once you got to the other side of the truck (the one with Father Christmas on the side) and you could no longer see the shop or the car park or anything it made you feel like you were in your own little wonderland and I just love things like that. I especially loved the how the number plate was ‘Santa 1’ and the hashtag on the side (which you can use on any social media).



The photo only took maybe 10 seconds but we were told we could download it in 3 days with a unique code they gave us and I’m so looking forward to see how it turned out! There was also a queue for a free Coke but we’d had enough of queueing to decided to skip it and they were only small anyway and they also had bags of roasted chestnuts for something like £2. I don’t like roasted chestnuts (that I know of!) so I didn’t get one of those either.

The whole event was free (unless you bought some roasted chestnuts) and despite the long queues, cold weather and all those things British people complain about it really did make you realise Christmas was coming. I kind of felt like doing what Will Ferrell did in Elf when Santa’s in the shop and he just started jumping up and down excitedly. Wish I had now! I would recommend this as it’s the perfect start to my 2 weeks off and it’s a really good experience. If you don’t like long queues and waiting in the cold maybe this one isn’t for you, but yeah, those that do, just go whenever you have the chance!

I hope you enjoy this type of blog as I have another one planned for next week. I have now broken up from school for 2 weeks and apart from Christmas Day and Boxing Day I will be blogging everyday unless something unexpected happens. I will update you on what is happening blog-wise in the New Year at the end of the month.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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