The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year | What I Love About Christmas

Good Afternoon, Munchkins! As a part of ‘Blogmas’, I thought I would share my favourite things about and around the time of Christmas. If you have any of your own or that you think I’ve missed, write them in the comments below so that I can have a look and maybe realise for myself.

1. Music

There is nothing better than Christmas Music and I’ve been listening to the ‘Christmas Hits’ playlist on Spotify since around the middle of November. Actually in love already but I will touch on Music in a later blog post.

2. TV Adverts

Am I the only one that looks forward to the adverts more than the actual TV programme? I love the John Lewis one (obviously). I mean, penguins, love, a happy ending? Perfect. I also love the Sainsbury’s advert, as controversial as it is, because it is the 100th anniversary this year of the beginning of World War I and let’s be honest, we’d be complaining if there wasn’t one like it. I like to sometimes think that one of the battles actually did do this, as World War I was made out of a series of battles, and it was just left as a secret as they didn’t want to get each other into trouble. I just think it’s sweet that two opposing army’s would do that for each other. Getting a bit deep, let’s move on!

3. Films

In Winter I tend to watch a lot more Films as it is and this is the time of year when the Harry Potter series is aired again on ITV each weekend so there’s a lot of variety. I will (like Music) touch on this in a later blog post though.

4. Winter/Christmas Jumpers

I’m finally getting my first Christmas Jumper this year and I’m actually so excited for it. I’ve asked for like a proper one from Primark though I’m not sure if I’ll get it or not but I am getting one from my Mum which has Olaf on it and yeah. Makes me smile! I just think it’s really nice to be gathered round on Boxing Day (lovely clothes for Christmas Day) with every generation wearing a tacky Christmas Jumper. Just makes me smile.

5. Food

I’m one for food 24/7. If you have leftovers nobody wants, I will have it, any time, anywhere. Also as a pescatarian I can’t have turkey or gammon like everyone else so I end up with something completely unique and I love the surprise of it all. I also love roast potatoes, so it just makes me happy. Surprisingly though, I tend not to like cake very much. If I had to choose between a Victoria Sponge or a Kit Kat, I’d have a Kit Kat. And this year I’ve gone off Mince Pies. What is wrong with me?!

6. Candles

Like food, if I could I would light and use candles 24/7. I just love how cosy and cute they make the whole room look and yeah. Love them. I haven’t yet got any Christmas scented candles but I do have many tealights and me and my Mum make tealight holders, so you know. Going to try and make a Christmas one soon. Very excited for that.

7. Clothes

I know I’ve touched on Jumpers, but Winter clothes and Christmas clothes just make me happy as well. I have my Christmas dress (which I’ll be doing and OOTD for, keep your eyes peeled) and I’m very excited for it. I also have a top from Primark which says ‘Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal’ like the quote from Home Alone. Did not, however, go down well with the grandparents! Ugg Boots and massive cardigans have also been a huge hit with me this Winter.

8. TV Specials

There is nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with your loved ones on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Year watching a TV Special for Christmas. It’s like the right way to wind down after eating/drinking too much and yeah. Just love it. Miranda is finishing at Christmas this year and I think I will cry watching it to be honest with you. Would love to see Mrs Brown and Outnumbered make a return if I’m going to be honest. They make me giggle!

9. Decorations

In my house we’re putting our decorations up next weekend as the 4th was my brother’s birthday so we have to wait a week and then until that weekend so yeah. Long wait for us. We have two trees (a white one and a green one) and I think I want the latter this year. That’s the one I grew up with and it’s a lot more traditional. Also, I’ve come to realise that white with red decorations looks a bit like red and danger but it would look so much better on the green. We don’t celebrate with decorations as wildly as other’s though when I leave home I definitely will. We have some lights but someone a few roads away looks like it could direct boats it’s so bright. Probably does where we live! We were going to decorate my Nans when we went round next Friday but she’s had an accident so we probably wont.

10. Advent Calendars

I’ve always had a chocolate advent calendar and I love them as strongly as I did in the beginning. This year I have 3 as my Mum bought me 1 and my Nan bought one for me and my brother but he doesn’t eat chocolate. So I have 2 Thornton’s one’s and a One Direction one. Very happy! My brother has a block tech one as he wanted a Lego/Playmobil one like Alfie (PointlessBlog) and Zoe (Zoella) did this year and last year but this was £5 in The Range, so it’s sort of the same. He’s enjoying it. Made a reindeer and got a toy present in it so far. Can I also point out he’s now 11 (!).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. I know some people will be a bit upset because I haven’t really included things like family, but as you can tell, most things mentioned are to do with family or a result of my family. Let me know what you’re doing for Christmas this year and if you live in Australia, what do you do? This is probably just me being me but I can’t imagine Christmas in the sun.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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