Day To Night – Little Black Dress

Good Evening Munchkins. Uploading on a Friday, are we? Yes, yes, we are, little voice in my head. This is due to the fact that I am away this weekend and will have no other time to upload, so sorry to those not expecting it but, you know. What a nice surprise!

Basically, me being the shopaholic/webshop addict I am, I wanted something completely different. That is when I found DailyLook. I was a little disheartened at first as I saw everything was in dollars and I work in pounds being British as I am, however I soon found these ‘Style Sets’. These are basically where you design different outfits on a clipboard, as it were, and you can style something with all different accessories and items of clothing from the shop. Sadly, I do not have the prices as my main concern was creating a ‘Day To Night’ rather than concentrating on how many virtual dollars I was spending. I also decided to do a ‘Little Black Dress’ blog post as I’ve come to realise I don’t own one but after seeing their range, I want them all!

Unfortunately I can’t get the picture to load or work or whatever (I’m naturally blonde, that’s a good excuse isn’t it?) so I will try and describe my outfit for you. First of all, I wouldn’t tend to go out looking for an LBD (just realised the other day that it stood for Little Black Dress!) but I thought ‘you know what, they’re gorgeous, you’re not actually wearing it, go for it!’ so I did!.

The dress I chose was this beautiful black (what a surprise) boho dress that had thin straps but had the sleeves lower down the arm which was very on trend this summer. I know I’m terrible at describing but I’ll try and leave a link at the end. For the day I paired it with a faux leather backpack with gold buckles, a plain, gold chain and those little black ankle boots which everyone is wearing at the moment but the name has left my mind. I really like this combo as I think the gold made the whole outfit as a whole a lot more exciting and it has the memories of summer but with the new boots it gave it that autumn/winter-y feel.

For the night I paired the dress with a coral/pink clutch, small-ish black boot high-heels (my feet are still disgusting from walking around in heels on Halloween) and the same gold chain. I thought this outfit for ‘Night’ would be good because when you’re out the odd light/clubbing lights would catch on the gold chain and bring it out even more. Also, that pop of coral/pink from the clutch would show you’re not just into dark colours and shows a bit more fun (no offence to those who like black). Also, heels are a must on a night out.

Well, that pretty much failed, but if you like to see any more LBD’s (which are all stunning), click HERE. For the main website, click HERE. To create a Style Sets Board, click HERE.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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