Day To Night – Rings

Good Evening Munchkins. Recently I was looking for some more online webshops to get addicted to (as you do) and I was particularly inspired by the rings section at Invaluable. This is the reason this here blog is being read by you today. I will show you the ring I chose to create my blog post today in a second but if you would like to see more click HERE. Invaluable is an auction website so I won’t be able to tell you the price of the ring I’ve chosen unfortunately. I will leave a link to the ring and the website at the end though.

I also decided that instead of just showing you the clothes on a hanger I would take a picture of myself in them so you saw how it fit me and if you are a similar size how it would kind of suit you. I am 5 foot tall and a UK size 12/14 for those that want to know. And to make things a bit more ‘me’ I decided to do a ‘Day to Night’ because jewellery can be expensive so you want to make sure it’s not just suited to one outfit you will hardly ever wear. I used my phone (Nokia Lumia) to take my pictures for today’s blog instead of my video camera so it’s not going to be amazing quality but just let me know which you prefer. Tomorrow’s blog is with my video camera though, sorry.

So the ring I chose was the 10K White Gold Opal and Diamond Ring. I’m not one who would go for something big and flashy as I have very small hands and would rather go for a statement bracelet or necklace then plain ring. I just find them sweet and without the outfit it wouldn’t be complete. I really like silver for this time of year and with the outfits you’ll see in a second you will see that the nude in the middle will go with the colours in the rest of the outfit. If you do however like big, flashy jewellery then there is some that I saw while browsing through the website for you to have a look at. There were a lot of gorgeous wedding rings as well but I didn’t think it would be appropriate to use one for this blog post.


Ooh, look at that curvy figure! I’m still a bit conscious about showing my face so until we get to that stage I’m a headless figure. And no hate, because it’s taken me nearly a year to get this far. I think you will agree that as it’s quite basic, light-coloured outfit, the nude in the ring will be that extra little bit of colour. Also, this is my favourite winter outfit and has been for ages so the ring definitely won’t get wasted. At the moment I wear a bracelet with small cones/pyramids/triangles with a circular base in a peachy nude which goes really well with it as well so that gave me the extra push to put this as my ‘Day’ outfit. You can either wear this with black converse or Ugg boots but I wore my converse today because I went Christmas shopping. Just a bit more comfy and easy to walk in. My sweater and converse are from Sports Direct, my jeggings from ASOS, Ugg boots from BHS (?) and you can get white vest tops from practically anywhere (good save, Rach!).


If you are a loyal reader and remember my blog post from June, this is the dress I wore to go see One Direction. It is basically a coral strapless dress from Boohoo that I just adore. I do realise this isn’t my best angle but I wanted to hide my knees as I have really bad bruises from P.E. yesterday, so you know. Blame the height of the vaults, that’s all I’m saying. I just love this dress way too much and I’m so looking forward to the Summer months to wear it again! I would try and sound artistic and professional by saying something about how the two colours (nude and coral) coordinate together, but I’m gonna speak to you in plain English: it looks good. All you will ever need to know in life. In these colder months I would wear it with my black shrug from Next and my black boot high heels from New Look.

I hope you enjoyed this type of blog, I’m very excited for it (the pictures of the body I’ve had for 13 years and an auction website, it’s all too much!). Do go check out Invaluable as they sell a whole range of things other than just rings.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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