Favourite Songs – November 2014

Good Evening Munchkins. I realise it is later than I would normally upload but I was in two minds about what to upload tomorrow and I just thought I would do one of my ideas now as I have some time and it’s quite quick and easy to do. That also means that tomorrow I will be uploading my 100th blog *claps hands excitedly* but that’s if I’ve counted it right *slows clapping down*. But nonetheless it is going to be grand and different to anything I’ve done before but something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Right, onto today’s (or tonight’s) blog!

Firstly I do apologise for the lack of songs I’m only doing five as it’s a Saturday night and things have been happening recently and I just need to get on with it.

My first favourite is Like I Can by Sam Smith. Oh My Freaking God. This man just kills me in whatever he does. If you haven’t heard of him then listen to that song, become addicted and just be absorbed into the world of one night stands and ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. I love him way too much and yeah. If I met him I might just faint and then panic and then just talk too much as I do. My love for him is indescribable.

My second favourite is from the goddess that is Meghan Trainor (surprise, surprise!). Like I’m Going To Lose You hasn’t yet got anything official like a lyric or music video but I don’t care you should hear it. I would marry this woman, I seriously would, my feelings are starting to get a little inappropriate for her (sorry). This song just makes me relate and want to spend everyday with the people I love, even if I’m not in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with them. And if you know about my love for Meghan Trainor you will know that I have to stop now before I get too carried away.

My next favourite is Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I was first acquainted (good word, Rach, haha!) with this song through Peter Hollens and Madilyn Bailey’s cover and I heard the original and it was like a jigsaw. It just fell into place. I think there’s some sort of musical magnet between me and Mr Sheeran (not as good as Mr Grey but we’ll go with it) because every single song written/sung/covered by him I just love instantly. That is talent right there! Haha.

My penultimate (second to last for my normal readers) favourite is Animals by Maroon 5. If you remember in my last ‘Favourite Songs’ (will link it below to jog memories or for those newer Munchkins) I said I loved ‘Maps’ which I still do but I think ‘Animals’ might’ve taken it’s space. Recently I’ve just been loving Maroon 5, I don’t know what it is. It was the same with ‘Payphone’ and ‘One More Night’ though, and then I went off them completely. I hope I don’t with these songs because they are amazing and you should go listen to them.

My last favourite is Steal My Girl by One Direction. I know some people have very mixed views about these lads, but I am in love with them immensely. I can see that they’ve grown their hair, and yes Zayn does look a bit like Aladdin but everytime I see Mr Styles (better than Mr Sheeran, to be honest!) he just gets even better. This song is one of those songs that in the future I would like my non-existent boyfriend to sing about me in the same way I’d love to be able to sing the Meghan Trainor song about him and yeah. False Hope Central over here! If you have a boyfriend, get him to sing it to you, then tell me how happy it made you because you should be happy and it would make me happy to hear about it! Spread the love! This has gone very off-subject haha.

So yeah, those are my 5 favourite songs of November. If you do enjoy these, let me know and I will try and upload one a month but if I don’t get any feedback I’ll just upload them as and when. Also, let me know of your favourite songs, I really need to listen to some new ones! I’ve had these 5 on repeat for ages!

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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