Halloween Makeup ’14

Good Evening Munchkins! I do realise it has been 2 weeks where I haven’t uploaded and I’m so sorry, I really am. Last week was half-term and there’s just so much work to do for school these days and I know it’s not an excuse but I have got a few beauty blogs in my mind that will feature in the following weeks.

This week I thought I would show you what I wore on my face for Halloween despite it being nearly 10 days ago. 
DCIM100MEDIADCIM100MEDIA DCIM100MEDIAFrom L-R: Technic Eye Pencil in Black, Body Shop’s Born Lippy in Strawberry and Natural Collections Lipstick in Crimson.

I decided I would go all out on the lips and then just my basic everyday makeup (which I will get round to showing you) for the rest of my face. Yes, that meant only mascara on my eyes, I’m sorry. Basically, I used the idea from Louise ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ (find her HERE and HERE) though it’s probably been passed around loads and I’ve only just noticed it which is Halloween video on wearing red lipstick then outlining your lips with black eye liner. My Born Lippy was for when my lips get dry and it’s got a slight red colour to it, so thought I’d add it in. I celebrated Halloween twice (I’ll tell you in a sec) out of the three opportunities I got and wore it both times and the first time I had to reapply a lot but that’s probably me being vain and constantly worrying about my face.

The reason I got the opportunity to celebrate Halloween three times was because we went on holiday and my brother and I were allowed to take a friend each so obviously I took Chummy and the place we were staying at on the Tuesday was being filmed for Children In Need. For those that don’t know, Children In Need is a huge fundraising event which happens every year (or every couple of years, I’m not sure) in the UK which is dedicated to children who live in countries like Africa helping with malaria or even with foster care in our country. It helps all around the world, anyway. There was a massive Halloween party and I think I kept re-applying because of the cameras so yeah. At one point I put liquid eyeliner on and it didn’t go too well and that was when I think I got on camera. Grand. If there are any clips that end up on YouTube (it airs on the BBC next Friday) then I will share them with you so you get a sneaky peek to what I look like (ooh, the excitement of the world!).

If you were wondering what else I was wearing I wore a green and black sparkly witches dress from ASDA (the home of Halloween) but I didn’t wear the hat with it. Don’t know why. Just didn’t. I also wore black tights and black high heels (big mistake. My feet are still suffering) and had my hair in plaits. Lovely.


While I was on holiday I took a picture of all the makeup I took a picture of all the makeup I took. As you can tell, it’s a very descriptive ‘My Half of the Dressing Table’ picture for me. It has my glasses, candles, glitter and orange makeup brushes (Model’s Own). I don’t know why I took so much glitter, but I did and it kept me very happy. I know it looks a lot to some of you or little to some of you, but this is only a portion of my actual makeup collection. If you would like to see all of that do let me know and I’ll get working on it.

So yeah. How are you? How have you been? Has anything happened to you recently? Tell me how you are because I know some people say it and don’t actually mean it, but I do, so tell me. I won’t hurt you, I’m probably younger than most of you. If you like this type of blog then let me know or if you didn’t still tell me and I can try them in a different way for you.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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