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Good Evening Munchkins! Oh look, another blog post about Panic Attacks and Anxiety. I know for some of you it’s just another and you’re bored of them but each one is worded in a completely different way so I thought I’d give it a go. I do know what I’m saying and doing by the way. Also, if this helps one of you in the tiniest of ways then I’m happy and I would love to hear from you (my email address as always is down below) though don’t feel you have to.

Basically I’ve been having a lot of Panic Attacks or days where I’ve felt anxious quite a lot recently and on Wednesday I decided enough was enough and I’d actually do something about it so went to my doctor. I had a lot of hope that he would be able to help me in some way though if I’m going to be honest he told me what I already knew or just clarified certain things. This is not to say all doctors are like this, Zoe Sugg (the person that keeps me going through all of this) has said that if 1 doctor doesn’t help go to another and another until you find the right one who will actually help you.

I learnt that out of Flight, Fight and Freeze I am a Freeze-er. Flight means you run away from the situation, Fight means you fight the situation and Freeze means you sit there and just try to calm yourself down or take it. He gave me no time to explain what I feel when I have a Panic Attack (which in my opinion I think he should have) but all the symptoms he said I nodded as if to say ‘Yes, that happens’ because it does.

He said that you tend to get hot, feel like there are millions of butterflies in your tummy, your heart races and something else which I can’t really remember. All of those things happen as well as a lump in my throat (like when you cry) and that causes me to not be able to breathe properly and that panics me even more. Sometimes I also feel sick but the others always seem to happen. Panic Attacks are vicious circles and unfortunately it takes a lot to get over it.

I once described Panic Attacks as being like dogs: once you’ve disturbed it (or had a Panic Attack) it’s always going to be on guard (i.e be anxious all day or have another Panic Attack). And I can’t do anything about that. And that is the one thing I would love to be able to control.

Many things can set of Anxiety and sometimes it’s just something that is blown out of proportion but I think the main thing to remind yourself of is that it can’t physically hurt you unless it’s like a murderer or something then just run!

Zoella has two videos on Panic Attacks but if you would like to watch the newer one click HERE or for the older one click HERE and I’m sure you will get a lot more useful and better information from her than you have from me.

If you are having Panic Attacks or are constantly Anxious, then please let someone know, whether that’s a friend, a parents, a school counsellor, a teacher, anyone, just let them know about your worries.

My friends thought I was faking it the other day because they’d never seen me have one but personally I would never broadcast it to anyone that I’m having a Panic Attack and most of the things that are happening are happening inside like the heart racing, the feeling sick. Shaking is another symptom of Panic Attacks, forgot to put that one in. If your friends tell you that, tell them it mainly happens inside of you and if they haven’t had a Panic Attack it isn’t for them to worry about.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick little blog post, thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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