How To: Batiste

Good Evening Munchkins! For those who don’t know what Batiste is and are probably wondering why I’m doing a ‘How To’ on it, it is a dry shampoo and it is known to leave white patches in your hair (only temporary though).



As you can see I have the tropical one and I’m not going to lie, the smell is just white sandy beaches and fancy cocktails, it’s so good. I have the biggest size you can get (400ml) though you can get it in 200ml and 50ml as well I think (correct me if I’m wrong).

Batiste is primarily used at things like festivals or holidays if you happen to get greasy hair but sometimes I use it because it makes my hair a lot straighter (I have thick curly hair for those that want to know) and sometimes a lot bigger but it makes it a blanker canvas to work with sometimes. Also, the smell haha.

To stop the white patches appearing this is what I tend to do:

1. Spray it wherever I need it just before I go to bed

2. Brush it through

3. Brush through any knots which may be there

4. Go to bed and sleep for at least 8 hrs (I become like the all year round Grinch otherwise)

5. Wake up

6. Brush hair through again

7. Ta dah! Amazing straight, cocktail smelling hair with no white patches!

Obviously it works differently on different people but in my head you can’t really go wrong with these little steps. Also, as you’re sleeping with it in it’s going to come off on your pillow (I think) so don’t be afraid to use too little. Within moderation, I don’t want to be the result of pollution/global warming and all that stuff because I told you to use as much Batiste as you want.

If you do not like the Tropical scent there are loads to choose from and I will link them below for you.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, let me know if you would like to see more of these because I enjoy sharing my little tips and tricks with you.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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