Battle Of The Sexes | Being Friends With The Opposite Sex

Good Evening Munchkins! I randomly thought of this about 5 minutes and I’m not sure how well it’s going to go, but we’ll soon see.

I was just reflecting on my week and I realised that I am surrounded by boys and ‘guy friends’ and things like that and despite my recent panic attacks, my life has actually become a lot less stressful since I’ve been around them. I am still really good friends with my girlfriends but this week I’ve realised that it’s so much easier because none of them have PMT, are bitchy or anything like that and that for me is amazing considering that is all I currently remember. I’m not being sexist or anything like that because I’m just not like that and wouldn’t want to be, but it made me smile even just for a second.

My family is also quite male occupied (is that the right word?) so that be a reason why I’ve only just realised it. In my generation line (how I imagine it anyway, my Great Nan’s Great-GrandKids even though she’s no longer alive) there are only 3 girls including me. Out of 13. That’s not many. My Nan was telling me about this the other day actually and all my first cousins are boys and when I was younger I used to tell my Nan I wanted to be ‘one of the boys’. OK, little me, if that’s what you wanted!

I just wanted to make this blog post to tell people it’s OK if you have friends of the opposite sex because at the end of the day those are the people that you feel happy and most comfortable around. It shouldn’t matter if you get teased about it because if that happens and they’re real friends they’ll only support you through it. So many people out there have a huge variety of friends that are in their 20’s and haven’t let it get to them. I think as I’ve grown up it’s got a lot easier to become friends with boys and not be their girlfriend because when I was younger that happened and it annoyed me so much. I have so many great guy friends that I really don’t want to loose and if I lost my girlfriends (touch wood I won’t) then I know I could be with them.

So yeah, short little awareness thing that probably will never get read. Be happy with you are and do more of what makes you happy, because you only get one life, there’s no point in wasting it upset and alone.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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