New Look and ASOS Haul

Good Afternoon Munchkins! I know this is very late on my schedule (the fact it’s late afternoon on a Sunday and I promised this about a month ago) but I have been very productive of my own accord today and with all this school stuff you kind of have to prioritise. Not that I’m saying this isn’t important because it is but it was kind of a prize after all the millions of hours on Skype (well, it felt like millions) trying to turn a triangle different ways. Anyway, sorry but I hope this makes up for it!

Basically what happened was I was given holiday money (this is how long ago it was!) and I didn’t spend it all so I spent it when I got back and I think my brother got something randomly so therefore I did too (it’s all fair in this game!).

The first place I decided to get some lovely stuffs was New Look. I bought all the things listed from the sale so I’m not sure if they’re still there and I’m sorry if they’re not. Also, I can’t remember the prices so I’m going to estimate.


This was the first top I saw on the website (loves a bit of internet shopping, I do!) and I’d seen it before and just thought ‘This is a now or never chance’ so grabbed it instantly. I think it was something like £3 or £4 but I love it so much. I’m wearing it now and as you can probably tell from the picture it is acid-wash (there is a link in these tops, sorry), coral-y pink (yes then) and palm trees (even more yes then!). It has all the things I look for and what it doesn’t really show is it’s really big and swing-y. I got it in 12 I think but its still really what I describe as ‘waterfall-y’. If you understand what that means, well done! It is though a vest top which me being me didn’t realise until I bought it. Oops!


The next top I bought is this plain burgundy acid-wash vest thing. Well described as you can tell! I’ve only worn this once but it’s so comfy and swing-y (but not waterfull-y) that it would suit literally anyone. This was £3 and wasn’t that much when it wasn’t in the sale but either way you get such good quality for that amount of money. But, unfortunately, you don’t get a cheeky Harry in the corner!


The last top I bought was this acid-wash (found the pattern now?) red Coca-Cola logo one. What is wrong with my descriptions today?! This was about £7 but I find that understandable being logo and all. I love this top and have wanted one like this for around a year or so now (I hope it hasn’t gone out of fashion now!) and I was so happy when I found it I was like ‘Come to Mummy’! Kind of like in Hocus Pocus I was the scary ginger one! Please tell me you’ve seen that film, I just love it! The only problem I’ve found with it so far is that some of the red comes off on my bra. It doesn’t stain but you know. Just something to bare in mind. This did make me think that some of the colour might come out in the wash but I don’t think it has.


The last thing I got from New Look was this skater skirt. I saw it and thought it was the prettiest thing and thought of loads of things I could wear with it and it was like perfection. Then I brought it home and tried it on. I’m only 5 foot tall. This is practically a midi-skirt on me. That isn’t a bad thing but it’s totally thrown me out so if you have any outfit ideas I’d love to hear them so that this poor thing doesn’t go to waste. I really don’t want to have it hiding in my wardrobe because it is so pretty. This again was £7 I think.

By this time I’d realised I’d practically bought a Summer wardrobe at the end of August. This is the main reason for my next 2 purchases.


‘A plain navy hoodie’ I bet you’re thinking. Yes, it is, but it’s the softest warmest hoodie going and goes with literally anything, I love it so much. Even Harry’s shocked, look at him! I bought this in the petite range and I’m glad I did because it makes me look more in proportion. You can’t really see the hood but there is one and it’s you’re everyday basic hood and a white zip and white tassel-y bits and yeah. The inside is so warm and snug and it’s like ‘Why would I need a coat ever again?!’. That is what it has made me think, ladies and gentlemen, this is a serious love affair! This was about £12 which is a bit more expensive than my previous items but it was so worth it.


The last thing I bought was these pair of skinny jeggings and again in petite. For petite these are very long. As it, giraffe-neck long. These are a bit small for me at the moment but they do stretch (well, they do now anyway!) and it’s like a target to be able to get into these jeggings. Very soft and about £12 I think. Around that. Sort of.

So that concludes my haul that I promised last month (again, I’m sorry). I did also promise a lookbook but I don’t think that’s likely to happen but to makeup up for it I’m going to blog quite a lot when I go on holiday in the October half-term about beauty and fashion things. As I say, if you have any tips for what to wear the skirt with do let me know either my emailing me or writing it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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