Summer Nail Polish Reviews ’14

Good Morning Munchkins! Do you remember about a month ago I said some exciting things would be coming up on my blog including a haul, lookbook and nail polish reviews? Yep, finally got round to downloading the pictures off my camera so here we go with part 1 of the Summer review blogs things. Well said, Rach! I’m not sure how likely the lookbook is because of the coursework that needs to be done (hence the shortness of yesterday’s blog) but I will try and do the haul for next weekend. And that’s try, because I don’t want to promise then disappoint.

Unlike most Summer Holiday’s in the UK, this was only 5 weeks off compared to the 6 we normally get so that’s why there are 5 reviews and not 6 for those who did not realise. I also just want to say that I’m not being paid to say the things that I’m about to say, this is 100% my opinion and I would never lie to you for money.


The first nail polish I wore was this coral/red one by O.P.I called Red Light’s Ahead . . . Where? I’ve worn this before and I really do like it. The colour goes really nicely with my skin tone and it lasted the week that I wore it for apart from a few chips here and there. This is only a sample one but I will happily pay for the whole bottle once it’s finished. I would really recommend this to everyone because although I have pale Irish complexion I can imagine in my mind someone with darker skin wearing it and it looking good on them as well. Can I just add I don’t wear base or top coat because I don’t have it and I just thought you should know that.


The next nail polish I wore was another O.P.I and it’s called Bubble Bath. I wore this when I actually went on holiday and it took so many layers to get it to the solid nude colour I wanted it to be. It is really sheer so if you have the patience or want it that way then I would wear it. I wore this because I thought it would look nice with the tan I was hopefully going to get (which, eventually, I did) but it took so much time to just put layer after layer on. And then some of the nails went gunky because of it. Just, no. Even after all those layers, it still chipped loads, and I didn’t even go proper swimming once (proper swimming: lengths/widths, I just paddled). You really disappointed me, Bubble Bath, you really did, especially as I love the before mentioned so much.


This next one is from Miss Sporty is part of the Clubbing Collection I believe. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the name of it on there anywhere but I got this about 2 years ago I think and it’s still liquidy but is a bit lumpy in places. I’m not sure if they still do it but if they do I would go get another because it says quick dry and is, it’s cheap and it lasted the week I wanted it to. Again, another favourite colour of mine so I automatically loved it! If you’re on a budget I would recommend it and that’s presuming it’s still there. Sorry if it’s not, but I don’t spend every weekend in SuperDrug unfortunately.


The penultimate (my teachers would be so proud!) nail polish I used was this Nail Art one which has no apparent name by the looks of things. I got this around New Year from Accessorize because I had vouchers and it came in a pack of 5 or 6 pastel colours and it’s the first time I’ve used it. I used it as a standard nail polish and not a nail art pen because if you pull the lid and not twist it, it has a nib which if you squeeze the bottle, you can make dots from the nib which is very clever if you ask me, but I’m easily pleased. I’ve also recently seen this on the ASOS website if anyone’s interested. I can’t really remember but I don’t think it chipped that much but I think I spent that weekend with my aunt and cousins, one of which is only 3 so if it didn’t chip, it’s a miracle! I would recommend this I think it was only £5 for the pack so it’s worth getting.


The last nail polish I wore was one of the Barry M Gelly Nails ones in Blue Grape. I love this so much, I’m not even going to hold it back, I’ve been waiting this whole blog post to talk to you about this. I wore this a little over a week and went swimming and it didn’t chip as much as you’d think considering. Very shiny and I’m like a magpie with things like that, it’s just entrances me and yeah. All good! My Mum bought this from River Island and it’s so good we went and got the pink one (which I don’t have to hand unfortunately) and I’ve that on my toes for ages and has only chipped a little. Myself and Barry go back a long way and it never fails to disappoint. It’s affordable and you get such good quality for what you pay for. I know normal Gel Nails done in a studio are supposed to last for weeks but for a nail polish that’s under £5 and promises the same things, you’ve gotta give it to them, it’s worth the money. In the same way that Voldermort wanted to get rid of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, I want all the nail polishes to myself and dominate them, they’re so good!

Right, went off a bit there! I hope I’ve given you a bit of a heads up as to yay’s and nay’s in the Nail Polish world. Let me know which Nail Polishes you’ve loved or are still loving from this Summer. All links are below as always.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week,

Rachel xx


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