Favourite Songs – September ’14

Good Evening Munchkins! Today I thought I’d do something quite quick and simple because, oh look, it’s quite late but with my Mum having her blog now (check out Crazy Shrimp Creations) and me still not being able to tell her I have to do it when I know she’s not going to sit down next to me and just hover and she’s out with friends tonight, so all good, all good! If you’re reading aloud right now, sorry for the lack of oxygen! Also, I feel really in the mood for doing this, for no particular reason that I love music, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like music, so you can be any gender, any age, any whatever to enjoy this blog or at least read it! The world of Munchkins, diverse and unique! I will also link the music video on Youtube for you so you can check it out straight away.

So my first favourite song of the month is Maps by Maroon 5. Oh my freaking God, what a good song. This song reminds me of my holiday in Italy and it brings back amazing memories of the quirky people and just the great food and everything. I don’t know why it reminds me of that, but you know. The music video upsets me a bit because I hate things like that (no spoilers!) but it’s the lyrics and how it links to it that I love. I’ve recommended this to my Mum to put on her iPod for when she goes running, and I’m still yet to convince her. I’m not the biggest Maroon 5 fan but when they bring out a good song, I just love it way too much and I really think I’m gonna like this one for a good while.

My next song is Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. These 3 women are my idols all for different reasons and I love them so much so this was just too much for me to handle when I first heard it but now the first realisation of it existing it gone, I just love it. It’s very pop-y but Nicki Minaj really makes it very ‘her’. If you are as big a Nicki Minaj fan as me, you will know what I mean by that. I don’t think I was more excited for this song since I saw 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction in the same night (I was a concert, I’m not just some crazy stalker!) and you know, yeah. Jessica, not a fan of your ‘dance’ if I’m going to be honest, but it’s all good, your a good person to make up for it!

Right, I heard someone call this next song ‘old’ the other day. No, just no. One of the songs that I’m just starting to love is Waves by Mr Probz and Robin Schulz. I know, it is from Summer and it’s now September, but it’s like it’s one of those songs you either love or hate and in the beginning I wasn’t too fussed but now it’s all I sing and it’s makes me think of a beautiful beach in Barbados with all these fancy cocktails and then driftwood out of the corner of your eye and yeah. Bliss, just pure bliss.

Anyone who knows me knows my addiction to The Script so will not be surprised to hear my excitement at their new song Superheroes. I haven’t heard it enough times to actually sing along but I’m doing the ‘duh duh duh’ bits. As you do. The Script are just so amazing, I cannot even describe to you how much I love them. It’s like describing a scent, you just can’t. But yeah, I can’t say much more or I’ll get a little too over-excited.

This might be because of the girl dancing in the music video, but Chandelier by Sia. Complete Perfection. While I listen to it I imagine a fitter version of me dancing to it with my friends and in my head it’s amazing. And no I’m not going to physically do it! It also puts across a really good message about drinking and alcohol abuse and if that song was out while I was doing my Drugs/ Alcohol unit in school last year, this would’ve really helped me imagine what it’s like a lot more than a powerpoint and a teacher that doesn’t want to be there.

This probably doesn’t count but The Riff Off from Pitch Perfect. I’ve only seen Pitch Perfect once (please don’t hate me!) but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a film. And I’m not going to lie, it was Fat Amy. It really was. Anyway, The Riff Off for those that don’t know is basically like a sing-off with different categories and they do 80’s and sex songs in that one. I’m sorry if I’ve just explained something really basic, I feel like I have, but I’d never heard of it before.

My last favourite song for today is All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. It’s very vintage and I love vintage so much and that type of singing just makes me feel so great and old-fashioned and only radio and yeah. It’s really easy to learn as well if you want to sing it and it reminds me of the Beatles Museum in Liverpool where it has the recreation of the small place they used to perform when they first started out. If you know what I mean, well done, I’m not good at explaining at all!

Just a quick one, I’ve been loving the Young Love playlist on Spotify which is by Spotify. So good and includes some of the tracks I’ve mentioned today. And Spotify are not paying me to say that!

And I will leave it there for today! If you have any suggestions for good songs to listen to (and they don’t have to be new!) then do let me know either in the comments below or email me. As always my links are down below.

Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow hopefully,

Rachel xx


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