How To Deal With School: Starting a New Year

Good Evening Munchkins. Oh, look how original I’m being, writing about school in early September! I’m sorry if this was not a blog you’ve been expecting after such a long wait but the existence of Michael Gove (and anxiety issues) has forced me to do my school work before I do anything else therefore I can’t currently take pictures and all that stuff. Just grand.

I went back to school on Tuesday (my brother went back on the Thursday, but we are not talking about that) and I had a new uniform, a whole new load of teachers who we’re all still quite shy towards and a new part in our lives because we started our options and learning about coursework and GCSE’s in our subjects in more detail. I’m literally going to explain to you my epic fails at what I wanted to be the ‘new me’ (yep, still same me after all that) and what you should do instead.

Don’t: leave your opticians appointment until the end of the holidays. This resulted in me not having glasses until Thursday and so I was written into the seating plan as at the front. Grand. And if it couldn’t get sarcastically ‘grander’ enough, in Maths I was moved away from the boy that everyone’s trying to set me up with (it sounds a lot better than that, honestly). Just grand. 

Do: Buy all your stationary during the holidays. Mad rush for a £9 (can I just emphasis, 9 freaking pounds) Scientific Calculator I’m too scared to use and rubbers in Tesco yesterday. Did scare me that I’m completely unprepared being the panic-attack-OCD-person I am. 

Don’t: buy the blazer that’s too small to prove a point. As some of you may or may not know, I’m curvy and I’m not ashamed of that in anyway shape or form. But my friend (whose smaller than me, might I add) got the size 14 and to prove a point I got the 12 (the blazers are very small for what they say they are). I can’t do it up. And when I do, I feel like the buttons are going to burst. So that’s £30 down the drain. Great.

Do: Make friends in all your classes. This is the one thing I actually did. Chummy isn’t with me in all my lessons so I have to be ‘sociable’ and talk to some other sweating, spotty teen in the same situation as me. I’m great with this, it’s amazing because of the fact I talk non-stop (apart from when the teacher’s talking, I’m good like that) and like talking to people about everything. Can tick that one off my list.

Don’t: Get blocked on the stairs by annoying individuals which will evidently make you late for the one lesson you need to get interested in fast. Still a bit shaken from that if I’m honest. 

Don’t: Get stuck with teacher’s you know will scare/panic/make you poo yourself. I’m quite lucky this year, most of my teacher’s I’m moderately comfortable with and wouldn’t mind being locked in a room with. Then I learnt who my P.E. teachers are. For someone who is already conscious about having to wear the smallest skort (yes, skort) going, I am really not looking forward to them. One of them I can imagine being at least civil towards, the other is the one who called me up for my trousers that time. Kill. Me. Now. Last year I built up a great ‘friendship’ (is it wrong to call it that?) with my P.E. teacher, he made the lesson worth going to, but this year I’m back to Year 7 mode. The only bonus is Chummy and another close friend of mine has been moved down to the literally ‘thick’ group so we can fall over each other together.

Don’t: Always Facebook message about homework someone otherwise it could get very closely cut. Biggest drama over homework this weekend, why can’t people just give me their phone numbers/always be on Facebook to answer my panic messages? Why? What is wrong with that?

I realise the Don’t’s are over-taking the Do’s, but I had a very hard 4 days. I am sorry if this is not what you wanted/were expecting but it’s late on a Sunday, I am mentally drained but I didn’t want to leave you with nothing. 

Also, some more exciting news: my Mum’s started a blog on here called ‘Creative Shrimp Creations’. Go check it out, but as I still haven’t got the balls to tell her about this blog, please don’t let her know about this one. Thanks for the support on her behalf and for not revealing my secret *thumbs up*!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week,

Rachel xx


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