Starting Year 9

Good Evening Munchkins! On Tuesday I will be going back to the place of studying, insecurity and downright hell: yes, I’m going back to school! 

I did not get on with school by the end of last year and the thought of spending another 10 months there honestly scares me. However, it has got to the point in the holidays where my brother and are using new techniques to wind each other up (I knew that self-defence course would teach me good!). 

This year I start my options and GCSE coursework, Great, just great. I am actually terrified because I hate exams and I hate pressure and I’m the worst person for exams in a massive Sports Hall. In class though, I’m fine, it’s just massive exams like GCSE’s I know aren’t going to go down well on me.

That is why I’m trying everything I can to take my mind off of it!

At the beginning of the holidays I got my new uniform (I’m slowly growing to the blazer) and last week I went to the opticians to get some new glasses (very nice, if I do say so myself) so the ‘New Me’ I’ve been working on is taking shape. I’m using a new bag (I say new, I got it for my birthday is February) and I want this year to be great. 

Now, because I did all this at the beginning of the holidays it gave me loads of time in the rest of the holidays to do the things I’d planned to do. Though that didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Every single day (apart from when I’ve been away) has been filled with internet and just being inside (in all fairness the weather’s been ‘British’) so I’ve done none of the things I had planned for the holidays. 

For example, making a scrapbook of different clothes and outfits, little beauty books (I’m thinking of myself as a huge artist here!) and things like that. That has not happened. These 6 weeks have been the exact same, only a little longer, than a weekend. I’m very proud of myself!. I have met up with friends and things like that but without that I don’t think I would’ve left the house.

This year at school I would like to achieve so much academically, my brain is already hurting, though of course I want a lot to happen in my social life as well. I see some teenager’s who get amazing grades but who also get so much spare time: how? Just how? I’m going to be like Will from The Inbetweeners, I can tell, with a revision schedule. Please no!

Anyway, this blog was just to let you know my achievements(!) for this Summer and my worries for the next school year. Pointless really, but you’ve got to have your little perks in life!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx



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