ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Good Evening Munchkins! If you remember rightly, I added the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in my favourites yesterday and had said I hadn’t done it. An hour after I uploaded that post, my friend nominated me so today 3 of my friends came round and we filmed it and put it on Facebook and yeah.

I won’t put the video up for security reasons as my Dad and my friend poured it over me and I’m not sure how they’d feel about being on here.

I do feel quite bad though because I leaned away whereas Chummy C just sat there. My hair didn’t even get wet, let’s put it at that. At least I did it though, my Mum’s refusing and the friend that poured it over me refused as well, to name a few, and I’m glad I did as bad as I feel. But that doesn’t mean I will be redoing it! Can I also just say, it was spitting with rain and it was cloudy and cold and it was not nice weather. Just saying.

I will of course be donating £5 to the ALS charity. I nominated 3 people and people were saying it’s £3 per person and celebrity’s are donating £100 but I definitely can’t afford £100 as much as I would like to pay that much to the charity. Do let me know, but I’m giving what I can and I’m very happy with that.

I sat down with it as did Chummy C and my brother and maybe that’s why I ran away, it was easier that way. I might’ve ended up with a bucket on my head otherwise, but still.

I know it’s an extremely short blog (probably not even worth reading) but this is purely to raise awareness and if I can do it (well, sort of) in the rain and cold you can as well.

I nominate all of you out there (yes, you, reading this now!) to do it though of course if you don’t, I don’t mind. I’ve done my bit.

I start school this time next week and I bet you any amount of money people will be having a go saying ‘Oh, you didn’t do it properly, you ran away,’ yeah, and? At least I did it, just because you didn’t want to ruin your hair or let your makeup run. At the end of the day, Harry Styles ran away too, so we’re practically the same person.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx


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