Random Summer Favourites ’14

Good Evening, Munchkins! It is nearing the end of Summer and going back to school (double sad face) so I thought it was time to do my Summer Favourites. If you read my last blog you will know that I can’t currently get my pictures from my phone to my netbook/email address so use your imagination and just picture the things I say (this could easily go either way!). This will mean I won’t be doing any beauty or fashion faves (I have a LookBook coming up though as well as a beauty-related blog post so no need to panic!) and these will basically be random favourites or things which I think have just been great this Summer.

My first favourite is one I mentioned a couple of blogs ago and that is Troye Sivan’s EP Trxye. I haven’t got the EP, but I’ve found it on Spotify and on YouTube and you have not disappointed me, Mr Sivan. I had already listened to The Fault In Our Stars and Happy Little Pill but the other 3 (Touch, Fun and Gasoline) have made me just as pleased. Some of you might be sitting there thinking ‘Oh, Troye Sivan, where do I know that name from?’ and the answer to that question is YouTube. Troye is also a YouTuber and I will of course leave links to him below. If however you want something a bit more upbeat I recommend ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ by Oliver Heldens and Becky Hill as (I’m not going to lie) Troye’s songs are a lot slower than some might like. 

My second random favourite is Pink Lemonade. I know, completely out there, but I got it with my lunch at Gatwick Airport on the way out to Italy and that drink had so much sugar in, the bloke sitting next to my Mum disappeared halfway through the flight. Haven’t seen him since. And no, it was not my Dad or brother. It is basically a sweeter, less sour, still version of Lemonade which is great especially as I love all things sweet and flat and somehow healthy (raspberry’s and lemon’s!). I think I got mine from the EAT there, I could be making that up, but I think it was that. Can’t remember which terminal as well. Sorry. Another drink I have been loving (and is probably a bit better for you) is the McDonald’s McCafe Strawberry and Banana Iced Fruit Smoothie. They have 3 different flavours (one being the previously mentioned one. That did not make sense as well as I’d hoped! The other’s are Peach and Passion Fruit and Mango and Pineapple) but I tried the Strawberry and Banana one yesterday and it was honestly the nicest thing I’ve ever had. I don’t tend to like smoothies because of the bits in it but it’s like a Slush Puppy in a way only with natural things in it. Made me feel very happy and healthy!

While I was on holiday (smooth transition) I did a full face of makeup every night before I went out (let me know if you want me to do a tutorial type blog post on that if you would like). And by full face, I meant as much as I could fit in the smallest makeup bag you’ve ever seen (I am saving up for a new one though, so don’t you worry). Basically, I used shimmer eye shadows every night and I am now loving nude (made me realize how dark my eyelids are, strange) and what in my set (Magazine Makeup, of course!) was called Caramel and is a shimmer brown and I love the 2 together. I basically cover the whole lid in nude then just outline (is that the word? I don’t know, we’ll soon find out) the orbit (or eyeball line as my Mother once described it) of your eyelid with the ‘Caramel’ and I think that looks really nice on me. For those that want to know, I have light brown hair, blue eyes and Irish complexion. 

When I got off my holiday I was literally craving my netbook and internet so the day after I got back (I got back really late at night, otherwise I would have) I literally watched more YouTube videos than humanly possible. I watched so many and I started watching videos from this channel called ThatcherJoe. Joe is Zoe’s (Zoella’s) little brother and he makes the funniest videos I’ve ever watched. Of course I still love the usual Sprinkle of Glitter and people like that but I don’t think I’ve ever cried with laughter after watching a 5 minute YouTube video. He basically does videos like pranks and challenges, YouTube Whispers (personal favourite) and all those types of things that you will only stop watching because you need to check if your sides have actually split from laughing. That might’ve gone a little far, but, yeah, loving that one at the moment. 

Oh, and I lied, I have one beauty favourite which I will include, but there is a story to it, so bear with. Basically, I ordered some Autumn/Winter clothes from ASOS (I know, it pained me too!) and with the package came a little taster of the Ghost Eclipse perfume and I used it when my bodyspray ran out and I am in love with it. I will pay those £34 for a 50ml bottle, that’s how in love I am with it! 

Now, my favourite film of this Summer. I am dying to see Inbetweeners 2, and I know I’ll love it, so that would be my favourite (I’m like Yoda, thinking ahead) but I have been loving 2 absolute classics. These 2 classics are Three Men and a Baby and Mrs Doubtfire. I mentioned how much I love Mrs Doubtfire in my tribute to Robin Williams but we bought it on Amazon the other day because Netflix don’t have it (why, Netflix, why?) and have been watching it non-stop since. I could quite easily act it all out in a one-woman show, I know it that well now. I have always loved Three Men and a Baby (had it on video tape and everything!) and when I saw it was on Netflix, I just watched that as much as I could before my Netflix subscription ran out but now my Netflix subscription has run out, and now I’m sad. These are both 2 very funny comedy’s with life lessons added on the side of it (Mrs Doubtfire deals with divorce and Three Men and a Baby very lightly touches on drugs) and I would recommend them to anyone. 

My favourite TV series this year has easily been The Inbetweeners. Before my Netflix subscription ran out after I got off my holiday (a week, might I add) I watched all 3 series of The Inbetweeners and it was so funny and so stereotypical-British-Teenage-Boys, it actually made me feel sorry for them. If you want a laugh and want some educating about British Teenage Boys these days, this is the one you turn to!

Another really weird thing (but what’s wrong with being weird!?) is mozzarella. Before my holiday, I loved mozzarella as much as the next person, but something happened in Italy and every time I see it on a menu in a decent restaurant (don’t want it in some dodgy place, that could go wrong!) I have to have it. And if I’m with my Mum, she will agree with me and we’ll just have mozzarella and tomato salad (that’s what’s usually served) for the rest of that meal. 

The final thing I’ve been loving is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you bee? For those that don’t know, ALS is a disease/illness (I haven’t properly researched it, I’m just telling you what I’ve been told) and pouring ice-cold water over you gives you the same feeling as having it which is numbness. I know I’m being really naive and I hate myself for it to, but I think it’s such a good way to show awareness for charity and it’s different to the ‘running 100 miles’ type of thing. I’m not saying that’s not hard, but this is something everyone can get involved it. As I’m from the UK and ALS is a charity in America, most people I’ve seen do it (like my friends on Facebook) they’ve done it for charities in the UK, like Help For Heroes, Cancer Research etc. I have not yet been nominated and with the weather being how it is at the moment, I don’t think I need a bucket of ice-cold water, it’s tipping it down as it is. As some of you may or may not know, I love charity and helping charities as much as I can so I would definitely give the money if I couldn’t for some unknown reason do the actual challenge itself. 

I think that’s all I’ve been loving this Summer. As I say, I will be doing beauty and fashion things in the near future, I just need to get my head straight because this time next week is my last day of the Summer holidays so I’m preparing for a whole-load of coursework to be chucked onto my small 5-foot self. God help me! I will always make time to upload though, and if that means I fail my GCSE’s, I won’t be happy but at least I’ve still got this. That must sound really bad. 

Thank you for reading and let me know what you’ve been loving this Summer,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk

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Trxye (Amazon Audio CD)

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McDonald’s McCafe Strawberry and Banana Iced Fruit Smoothie

ThatcherJoe (YouTube Channel) 

Ghost Eclipse 50ml


Mrs Doubtfire (Amazon)

Three Men and a Baby (Amazon)


The Inbetweeners Boxset (Amazon)


Help For Heroes

Cancer Research UK



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