Holiday Book Reviews – Summer ’14

Good Afternoon, Munchkins! Just over a week until I go back to school so I thought I should start wrapping up some of the Summer-y things I was going to blog about (sad face). However, this does include a haul, a lookbook and a Summer favourites, so no need to despair! 

For those that don’t know I got off my holiday from Italy 12 days ago (yes, I know, sorry) so, yes this is a little later than planned, but I really wanted to share what I read on holiday and a mini review of them. Unfortunately something is going weird with the wi-fi network connection thing on my phone and my email so I can’t get any pictures that I took myself up but I will get them from Google Images (I’m so scared about copyright right now, it’s unreal!). 

I took 4 books on holiday with me (I went from Monday – Monday) and only read 3 so I will only write about the 3 I read on holiday. 


The first book I read on holiday was One Day by David Nicholls. I saw the film of this a couple of months ago when I got it on DVD and I just loved it so much so I thought ‘Why not get the book?’ and as soon as I got the chance, I did. For those that have read the book themselves, you will know it is not the easiest/quickest book to read but when I’m on holiday, I literally wake up at 8, go to the pool by half 9 and spend the rest of the day until 4 reading, in the sun, every so often going in the pool. Hence why I finished the book on the Friday after starting it on the Monday. There were some points which I didn’t particularly like or was a bit bored with but that was simply due to the fact I can’t remember it in the film or it wasn’t in the film. Yep, I’m that kind of person, and I really wish I wasn’t. It follows Em and Dex over 20 years from the day they met when they leave University and how they still keep in contact despite their very different lives. I love the friendship shared in this and how things change so much. I know that sounds really geek-y and old but its written from something like 1986-2006 or something like that so a lot of changes happen over that time.  Overall I would recommend this book to friends who loved reading because I can see my friends (A.K.A Bubbles and Chummy C) not being able to get past page 1 and also to people who would love this genre. Also, it does include swearing, sex, drugs and drinking, so if you don’t like that sort of thing I wouldn’t recommend it. 


The next book I read was Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding, which is completely different to One Day but I still loved it so much. It basically follows Bridget whose this single 30-year-old through her diary for 1 year and it was so funny. Her mum reminds me of Miranda’s Mum (from Miranda the sitcom) and that kind of ruined it because I really wanted something new to read but I don’t know which happened first: the book or the sitcom. Unlike One Day, I haven’t yet seen the film of this and am dying to see it. I found this really funny, but not like laugh-really-loudly-so-people complain-laughing, just laughing-to-yourself-laughing. I really liked how it was so realistic with all the work problems and things that people would go through it real-life, and that is probably the purpose of it. I initially bought this book (and the third book) with some money I think I got from the 13th birthday because I wanted to read more teenager-y books because at that time I was reading things like The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas and Anne Frank’s Diary and stuff like that and I wanted to be like a proper teenager with proper teenager books which sounds really sad now, but I did enjoy the book so it did work. Unlike the first book I would recommend this to my friends as it’s short (read it in like a day or 2) and as she is British and we are very British stereotypical people (it’s inevitable, it really is!) I think they would enjoy it.


The last book I read in the sun and burning heat was The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky. I really really really enjoyed this. I know it’s from a boy’s perspective and it should be a boy’s book really, but I’ve read so many books from girl’s perspectives it was nice for a change to read this. Again, I haven’t yet seen the film of this but I would really like to and it has Emma Watson in, who played Hermione in Harry Potter. I’m sorry, but when your first words were ‘Bloody Hell’ thanks to Ron Weasley, everything to do with Harry Potter excites you just a little too much. This book wasn’t very long and took me a day to read and it was written in diary form (like Bridget Jones) over a year and it follows Charlie through his first year at high school and the friends he makes, his first love, his first kiss, stuff like that which is so nice to read from a boy’s perspective. I realise that if you were reading that aloud you may now need a breathing machine, but it’s just so good and it came out all at once. I think I would recommend this to my friends but I’m not sure whether they’d enjoy it as much as Bridget Jones (they don’t read as much as me, so don’t really care if it’s boys narrative or not). 


So those are the three books I read on holiday. The fourth book I took on holiday with me and am currently reading is the third in a series and it’s called Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter from the Gallagher Girls (I think that’s what it’s called) series. I love the series and read the first 2 last year and seriously recommend it to anyone out there. Also, I’ve included the pictures to match the covers of the books I have for those that care. I like book covers, just thought maybe we could share our weird happiness together for those that also like book covers. 

I will leave links to places where you can buy the books down below, thank you for reading and I will see you soon,

Rachel xx

P.S, I’m very scared of copyright-ing right now (can you tell) so I just thought I’d let you know again that these are not my pictures but the reviews are my honest opinions. Also, I ordered my new glasses today which I’m very excited about. I know you can’t see me, but it still excites me!


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(I’m really sorry, but I don’t know any book shops apart from Amazon that will take orders from around the world. Obviously if you have a bookshop near you and are very happy with that, do go get a book from there, but this is for people like me who have a slight internet shopping addiction!)

One Day by David Nicholls 

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter







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    1. Yeah, I always find when that sort of thing (don’t want to give it away to others!) happens in a book it doesn’t feel as real as in a film but this one really upset me if I’m honest. Rachel xx

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