The Loss of a Legend

Good Afternoon, Munchkins. As you probably know I was on holiday last week and that is one of the reasons I haven’t been uploading as regularly as I would. I am back on track though and I have a few things coming up that I’m really looking forward to. I would’ve uploaded yesterday but I’ve just started getting into The Inbetweeners on Netflix, so I’m just cramming it all in. 

I got back late Monday night so I didn’t really bother fiddling about with the wifi on my phone until the morning where I learnt the terribly sad news of the death of Robin Williams. He was found hung due to (suspected) suicide following his depression.

Robin Williams is one of those people I really wanted to meet (I have a list including people like Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela etc) and everyone I want to meet (bar a few) have passed and it really annoys me because I’ve always wanted to meet them for the good things they did not just to say ‘Oh, I met Nelson Mandela’. I know being born in 2001 gave me no chance of meeting Princess Diana, but still and I did meet one of Nelson Mandela’s former bodyguards, which was cool. 

I know your all going to be sitting here thinking ‘Oh, another piece of work put towards him’ and yes, it’s the truth. He was one of my favourite comedy actors of all time and I’m sorry if you never cared much towards him, but he will affect probably most of us. He made me realise what acting was, it wasn’t just saying words, it wasn’t just walking around a bit with a different emotion to how your feeling, it’s about throwing yourself into the role, being that person not playing the person. This was just watching Mrs Doubtfire, my favourite film of his.

He also made me realise what could’ve happened if I hadn’t got over my depression but also made me feel bad for getting over it myself after a few months and he’s lived with it on/off for years and it eventually caused him to kill himself. I think it just proves a lot: the happiest of people have the darkest of secrets. I really did try my best during that stage of my life acting-wise because that’s what made me happy and it was my way of forgetting about all the negative things even just for an hour a week. I think his passing has shocked the world but scared the world as a mental illness can affect anyone, whether they’re middle-aged, a teenager, black, white, British, Spanish, anything, it will target you if you let it get that far. 

I’m getting upset just thinking about it and I will probably never be able to watch Mrs Doubtfire ever again without crying. I hope I make him proud, though he probably won’t be watching me out of everyone, because I love comedy acting and that’s all because of him. 

Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you were expecting, but who did?

Rachel xx


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3 thoughts on “The Loss of a Legend”

  1. An incredibly moving post. It is so sad that Robin Williams was unable to defeat his demons and has passed. When I first heard that he had passed away I was shocked. By far my favourite film of his was GoodWill Hunting. His performance is so moving, he definitely deserved his oscar for it. A nice dedication for the sad loss of a screen legend.

    1. Thank you. I know some people are not fans of him and wouldn’t really appreciate or want to read this but I felt like after all those years of dedication to his acting/comedy he really deserved it. I haven’t seen GoodWill Hunting but I’ll try and watch it, Rachel x

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