The Difference Between The UK and The USA

Good Morning, Munchkins! This blog is something a bit more chatty and fun and is basically about when I went to Florida nearly 2 years ago and what I noticed that was different from my home town in England. I just thought it would be fit as I’m going on holiday today and every airport reminds me of my holiday to America for some reason. Sorry if I offend anyone, I don’t mean to and never intend to and don’t plan to so I’m sorry if something slips out which you’re not happy with.

How Expensive Everything Is – People from the USA who come to the UK probably think I’m not moaning about much because they tend to go to the tourist shops in London where everything is incredibly overpriced but I don’t live in London and the price of things actually annoyed me. I probably went to the tourist shops as well, but still. A good example was when we ordered room service from the on-site pizza place and 3 pizza’s, a coke and a small bottle of wine cost around $90. The production crew of ‘Friends’ must’ve been bankrupt after all those years of eating pizza.  Also, why do you only put VAT or whatever on at the till? I had a $5 note and wanted a box of cookies to take to school which were $4.95 and I thought ‘Oh, I’ll have 5 cents left over’. No I didn’t. I had to borrow money off my brother which I apparently still owe him now. I guess it’s OK if you’re used to it, but after 11 years of knowing the price of everything and being reassured as to having or not having the money, this really threw me out.

How Happy/Hyper Everyone is, All The Time – We stayed in a one room apartment and my Dad wakes up angels when he snores, I’m not even joking so I barely got any sleep. You try coping with bouncing 20-year-olds on a sugar rush at Disney Land when you’ve only had 7 hours sleep every night for 10 days. At one point I turned round to someone and just went ‘Shhh!’. They looked at me weirdly and walked off, which made me a little bit happier. Let’s just say, if I had more sleep I would’ve enjoyed the whole experience a lot more.

Everyone is Tanned, and it’s Real Tan – In the UK we live on chemicals from Fake Tan and now the natural colour is orange. I have a tan but I had to go through a burn for that and would not want to do that again so what is it about you that makes you so easily tan-able? I know this doesn’t apply to all of you, but the tanned girl with beach blonde hair and a flat stomach (yes, all the hundreds of you), please tell me your secret. I want a nice brown tan without the burn but I don’t want to run the risk of looking like an Oompa-Loompa.

All of Your Taxi Drivers Say They Know Someone From Where You’re From – On the way to the airport from Epcot we got this friendly-borderline-stalker taxi driver who asked us where we were and told us he had a friend there. We got out, another family got in from England and he said he knew someone from where they’re from as well. He’s either travelled all the towns of the UK or is a mad man. I get that you’re all extremely friendly but there’s a line, a very bold line with labels and everything. Don’t cross that line unless you want me to have a panic attack in the back of your taxi. My Dad’s a taxi driver and he’s lucky to get 2 words out of his passengers. We had full flowing conversation. It scared the living daylights out of me.

Their McDonalds. Well then – I’ve seen shops smaller than the McDonalds we drove past. End of story.

Your Welcoming ‘Welcome To Our Land’ – Welcoming someone with a gun and a line of 2 hours in passport control is not very welcoming. I understand that you want to protect us since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centres, but if we wanted to blow the plane up we would’ve missed out chance. In the UK you get greeted by a line of book shops and adverts. I think the UK is becoming more like the US in the sense though; they now have to check our phones for bombs. I’m sorry, what? Oh, because Blackberry’s are clearly the newest hiding scheme. Where would you get that idea from?

Those were the main thing I noticed about my eventful trip to Florida which was great and I’m not being ungrateful in the slightest but there’s only so many energy drinks you can have until your bad mood comes along. As I say, sorry if I offended you, but it’s my views on your or maybe not your country, just a place you really like.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week,

Rachel xx


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