Magazine Makeup

Good Evening Munchkins! Today I’m doing something a bit different which is mainly for teenagers or pre-teens who are just getting into makeup, so sorry if you don’t fit into that category.

You are probably confused as to what the title is what it means but it’s pretty self-explanatory as in I’m going to talk about the importance and good things that can come out of using makeup from magazines. I’m saying this is mainly for people starting out in makeup because it’s in no way high end stuff and it is made for beginners as you don’t have to pay anything extra for it as well as the magazine and it’s good just for getting started.

I read a magazine called Shout, which I definately know is in the UK, I’m not sure about the rest of the world, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t apply to you. It is a monthly magazine and always includes at least one beauty thing. Now that can either be for your skin, something for nails (e.g nail wraps, nail polish etc) or actual makeup. I’ve been getting this magazine for the past couple of years so I have got quite a selection of ‘Magazine Makeup’.

I started wearing makeup everyday when I was 12 and a half though it can be earlier or later, whenever you feel like you want to and enjoy applying makeup and from my magazine collection I use a lip balm, magazine and eyebrow kit. I have loads of mascaras and eye shadows but I also have a couple of lip glosses, eye liners and blushers. I tend to you use the natural eye shadows quite a lot if I’m going out and the only things I don’t really use are the bronzers because I’ve found that they are the stereotypical orange and are shimmer so it doesn’t work for contouring or anything like that. Also, where I have freckles and natural rosy cheeks I will need foundation if I want to use blusher or contour or anything like that. 

If you don’t wear makeup very often or can’t afford makeup at the current time, Magazine Makeup can be so useful for things like that. You should always keep it just incase a time comes when you suddenly run out of makeup and it’s a Sunday and you’re going out for lunch so you need makeup urgently. Just a random example, not that it’s ever happened to me . . .

If you are younger and your parents don’t want to buy your makeup or don’t think you should wear makeup, just a bit of a tinted lip balm and mascara won’t be that bad (not that I’m encouraging disobeying your parents at all). Also, if it’s just a basic day and all you want it mascara and lip gloss or something, that’s what it’s also good for!

I haven’t been paid to say any of this but as a young teen myself I just thought it would be appropriate from young teen to young teen to pass over tips. I know it’s very short today, I’m sorry, I just thought of this idea off the top of my head. 

Tomorrow will probably be a short one as well as I am going to Italy for a week and as the sensible person I am, I’m pre-writing it. That means that tomorrow is the only day I will be uploading that week, but I get back late the next Monday so from that Tuesday onwards I will be blogging more regularly.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon, 

Rachel xx


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