How To Survive Summer

Good Afternoon, Munchkins! I’m back from my few days away and I’m trying to enjoy the lie in’s! If you have been breathing long enough to establish the difference between hot and cold then you will realise we’re in the middle of the hotter months AKA Summer (in the UK, anyway).

I actually saw a post on Facebook the other day that said something about coming to the end of Summer. No, just no! I broke up from school a week and a half ago, there is a lot of Summer left! If you live in somewhere like the USA and you’ve been on holiday a lot longer than me, well done on being lucky and living somewhere a lot hotter than myself. On Monday I will be leaving to go on holiday to Italy (yes, then!) and in the UK we’ve been going through a sweat hater’s hell: a heatwave. Unfortunately it just so happens it was (or felt like) it was hotter when I was still at school. Today, it even rained. Still, for myself to remember when I’m drinking fresh lemonade on the Amalfi coast, here are some tips on how to survive Summer.

Make a List of Thing You Would Like To Do/Achieve This Summer – This doesn’t have to be something major like climbing Mt. Everest or hiking a desert, it could be something really simple like waking up earlier or spending more time with family. This is purely a way to stop yourself becoming bored and wasting these days.

Wear Sun Cream/Take Sun Cream With You Wherever You Go – I learnt the unfortunate effects of not doing this; my shoulders and back got really badly burnt one weekend. On a more depressing note, it can cause Skin Cancer and Skin Damage and it’s really not worth it. I have got a tan but when I go on holiday I’m definitely putting Factor 50 on!

Drink Lots of Water – Getting dehydrated is not fun. My brother got dehydrated on holiday once and spent 3 extra days on a Spanish Island with my Mum, in hospital where no one spoke English while me and my Dad were living with the help of my Nan and Aunt. Just drink plenty of fluids and for you cheeky ones, no, that does not mean alcoholic. Also, drink responsibly.

Always Carry Deodorant or a Small Amount of Perfume – There’s nothing worse than getting on a train or a bus or some form of place where there are people at 4 in the afternoon and everyone stinks of sweat. I know you can’t really help it, but just by taking some roll-on deodorant, perfume or body spray it will make me a lot more willing to sit next to you. And the reason I say roll-on is because if someone near you is Asthmatic it could kill them. Just saying.

Always Take a Thin Jacket With You – I live in England where the weather is more unpredictable than some people’s hair colour, it is actually terrible. Even if you just carry a kimono or something with you, it’ll cover your arms so you don’t get a cold or anything.

Try Making Your Own Smoothies – Using fresh fruit makes me think of Summer and even though I don’t particularly like the texture of smoothies I still really want to make them. An alternative if your unhealthy like me is milkshakes, but you know! If you have any good recipes, please write them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to try them out.

If You Go Somewhere, Make Sure It’s Got Shady Areas or Air-Conditioned Rooms – Being really hot and sticky is actually horrible so I always look for shady areas and air-conditioned rooms are my best friends. In the UK we don’t tend to have air-con in our houses because it’s so cold in Winter there’s just no point, but fans are so much fun. I remember at the end of this school year we would just go up to the Music Room because it was the only room with a fan and we used to crowd around it. Happy days!

Make a Playlist of Your Favourite Summer Songs – There’s nothing better than listening to a great playlist either on Youtube or Spotify or any other app that will do that. There’s no point listening to songs which you’ve had on you iPod for centuries so change it by putting songs from CD’s on there or just by listening to the CD itself. I tend to get Travel Sickness so I listen to my iPod all the time in the car on long journeys and it does works, so it is good to have decent music on there.

Those are all of my tips though I will put a link below to a Sprinkle Of Glitter video which has more if you feel like I haven’t fulfilled your Summer time needs (sorry if that is the case, but I would still watch the videos).

If you have any requests for blog posts then do let me know (haven’t said that in a while) and all my links are below.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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