Goodbye Year 8!

Good Morning, Munchkins! Sorry I wasn’t able to blog last week but from Saturday to Sunday I had a sleepover and on Sunday they just never seemed to go but they did in the end so it’s all good!

On Wednesday I broke up from school for the big 6 week Summer holidays which meant I left the year I was currently in: Year 8. I just thought I would take this time to share some of the experiences I’ve had from September, some being personal some to do with my education and maybe for those not from the UK to explain a few things.

Basically, in Year 8 it is a mixture of 12-13 year old but my year just happens to be the year of early developers so it’s a huge bunch of hormones and bitching. As you probably know, this school year I turned 13 and this was a huge step for me as I’m my parents eldest so they kind of realised ‘Oh, she’s growing up, that went quick’ and things like that. Along with that was my birthday present: tickets to see One Direction. I know, I’m still buzzing!

Also this year I started a blog. It’s only a small blog, you might not know it! I like to think of it as my place to speak to people and bring awareness to things that happen to teenagers as well as beauty and fashion bits and bobs. It’s quite a humble place which I love logging onto each day. I still haven’t built up the courage to tell anyone apart from Chummy C due to the fact I don’t want people thinking I’m weird or bugging me with things I’ve said on here but come the end of Year 11 I should be more open because by then people would’ve done worse to be honest.

Something to do with my education: I chose my options this year. Not the easiest thing in my life but come September I will be taking Drama GCSE, Media, Health and Social Care and History. I’ve covered all areas!

I have also been a judge in my local county’s book awards which was probably the best thing I could’ve asked for. I am always reading something whether it be on Wattpad, WordPress, a book, a magazine, anything so this was so much fun (in my eyes anyway). I know it sounds geeky, but I don’t care, it’s going on my CV!

In October of last year Chummy C, me and my family went on holiday together (my brother had a friend as well, he wasn’t left out, don’t worry). We went to this little lodge park in the woods and it was so much fun.

Something I’m very proud of: I’ve made loads more friends than I had at the beginning of Year 8. I’m generally quite a shy person and stick to things and people I know but I’m very happy to say that these people are so much nicer than what I originally thought! That makes me sound really bad, I don’t mean it in that way. Also, I’m not shy around my friends it’s just making new friends that isn’t my best feature. We have to have mutual feeling towards each other for it to work on my side anyway!

My Mum thought I had Bipolar and only really started noticing my Mental Illnesses. Despite thinking that I put my Panic Attack on, when it came to the Bipolar she handled it pretty well. Moreover, I had my first Panic Attack this year.

I got a new headmaster who we all instantly hated but I’m growing to him. Slowly. Very slowly.

I had loads of problems at school (teachers leaving, no proper cover lessons etc), which actually resulted in one Year 11 Food Tech class going on strike, but if what this new headteacher is promising is actually going to happen, we should be OK.

Not something major but I read The Fault In Our Stars. Best book ever and I’m dying for the film to come out on DVD.

Something quite sad and a bit depressing (sorry): my Great Uncle got diagnosed with Cancer. He’s started this new type of Chemotherapy which he can only have a few doses of but he’s nearing 70 so they’re not sure what to do.

This year I stopped crying myself to sleep and I haven’t self-harmed for nearly a year now which makes me really happy!

I think I’ve covered everything so if you would like to have a go at this (not necessarily a school year, maybe how long you’ve had children, this year or something like that) then please do and let me know with a link in the comments as I would love to read them. Just reading it back this year has been a complete whirlwind as you can probably also tell but it’s such good progress and a really good example of getting over Depression and Bipolar. That sounds really arrogant, I didn’t mean for it to come across like that.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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