Lazy Sundays

Good Afternoon, Munchkins! It’s traditional British weather today: on one side of the house you can see dark clouds and then the other side is sunny. Bit windy, but on the whole an alright-ish day. Once again I’m sat here writing for you and I wasn’t planning on uploading but I felt like talking to someone, so you unfortunate individuals who have just stumbled across my blog or this blog post are officially the people I am talking to. 

I just thought I would explain the joy in Sunday’s. Most people think that Sunday’s are the most stressful day of the week because you have to get ready for school/work the next day, if you’re in the UK trying not to burn the Roast Dinner and just trying to get by in the world. That sounds really depressing and yes there are people that are struggling for breath and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness but that is why you should enjoy these days as much as you have before and will do for countless days to come. 

As I write this I’m sitting in my bedroom with my day clothes on (or whatever the opposite of pyjamas are) with the duvet up, window open (hence the duvet up to my neck!) playing All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran on Youtube (if you haven’t heard it you should). This does some up my Sunday’s really: playing soppy songs that will be repeated until I cry while sweating off the moisturiser which promises things that in the future will be insignificant. 

Some people will see this as stupid and you should be doing everything like jumping off of cliffs in a suicidal attempt of YOLO but sitting in your bedroom crying to a song about Cancer patients is also a part of life (isn’t it?!). You have your own little bits of YOLO everyday: walking down a road at night (where I’m from your considered supernatural if you can do that without getting mugged) or just answering a question in class if you have anxiety. 

I sit here writing for you, my Munchkins, sounding like someone who does amazing things for people but that is not everyday. As you may or may not know on the third of August I am walking 14 miles to raise money for a sensory room for a toddler who has a form of Cerebral Palsy and I support a charity in Scotland for freedom of dolphins and whales but that doesn’t make me an amazing person every single breathing minute of my life. I’m a speck in this world as is everyone and my Sunday’s are just my way of showing that.

I don’t go to church, I don’t do any clubs so weekends and especially Sunday’s when shops are (supposedly) closed so I enjoy me time and just deciding what to do with the next few days or thinking of new blog posts. 

All I’m saying is I’m young and loving life in a way that others might not understand. 

Also, I think I have a mental clock: I stopped talking to a friend of mine at about midnight last night so I probably fell asleep before 1 but I still woke up at about half 7 when I’m woken up for school. It is not fun living with a mental clock! Another part of life, being a complete hypochondriac. 

Sunday’s are also the days I put on supposedly sad songs but I just don’t tend to put on upbeat music on Sunday’s and I kind of think of things you think about at about 2 in the morning but I’m always too tired to wait that long. 

Yes, I’m talking about boys and no this is not an easy one. I was sat up talking to Chummy C by text for maybe an hour and a half last night talking about this one other little speck. I don’t think it helped her asking about our future together (I have planned the house we’ll live in, the proposal the children’s names and age gaps, yeah, I’m mental). I know it’s normal but we break up from school on Wednesday (yes, more blog posts) which is great because school stresses me out so much but that only gives me a few days to do something. Bubbles and Chummy have said they’ll help and I trust them but I don’t want to ruin anything because we do get on as it is.

I’m not perfect because nobody is and I’m not the best looking in my year nor the skinniest (see my problem?) and I see the way he looks at other girls. Sorry, I don’t want to bore you, but if you do have some advice either email me (links below) or let me know in the comments by Tuesday night. Thank you!

Well, this has got a bit personal but that should explain my Sunday’s. I know people do different things so let me know in the comments of things that you do and if possible I will have a go at them myself. Can I just add here 5 words: One Direction Imagines on Wattpad. 

Thank you for reading and I’ll probably see you during the week,

Rachel xx


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