How To Wear Clothes For Curvy Girls

Good evening, Munchkins. I am currently writing this on my parents laptop as I have somehow killed my netbook, hence the lateness of this blog and perhaps why this might not be up to standard (my netbook is my little comfort, shush!).

This is a blog post I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but I delayed it 7 months because in winter you can just cover up and not care but in summer that’s a little bit hard when its boiling hot. This is also quite a personal one because as those of you may or may not know I’m a UK size 12/14 which I’m not ashamed of but is bigger than the average flat stomach type who post things on FaceBook like ‘errr, so fat’. As much fun it is to criticise those girls for being attention seekers if does stop you from going outside and enjoying the weather.

This summer in the UK (well, where I’ve been anyway) it’s been really nice bar this weekend and last weekend. Also, I break up from school in a few short weeks which leaves 6 weeks of blissful sun-burning which means summer clothes are something I need to sort out and explain to those who need it now.

Rule #1 I’ve learnt about body confidence: You only have it if you believe in yourself, not if you’re a particular size or shape just purely how you feel about yourself. This does not however give you permission to be overly arrogant as I’m not going to lie, I hate arrogant people with a passion. Just don’t look down on yourself each day, be grateful for what you have and only concentrate on the good things in life.

Rule #2: If you are overweight and you want to wear that sun-dress, go ahead, what is stopping you? If you like the dress and like it on you then it is a nice dress and you should be able to wear it. You’re always going to get people who will criticise you but it really doesn’t matter, just remember what Suzie says of Sally says more of Suzie than it does of Sally. Be the metaphorical Sally and go with the flow! Also, if it is really annoying you you can get ‘Tummy Control’ tights which basically suck it all in as it were. I don’t have any but I’ve heard great things about them!

When I first started wearing skirts without tights or leggings, yeah I was nervous because of what I thought people would say about me wearing it but nobody did, and I thought I looked nice so I went for it. If people are going to spend their lives judging you then they are obviously not very nice people and don’t deserve your time to be honest. I also have maxi skirts (from the petite range, shush!) if you don’t particularly like your legs but still want something quite floaty. Another option in the ‘maxi’ style is maxi dresses which are basically the same concept.

Also something I’ve come to wear without any real care is crop tops. I wear a vest top underneath (a colour that goes with it) or I wear it with a high-waisted skirt that flatters my ’round bits’. It feels great to just see a size 8 person walking past and thinking that it’s a different way or wearing them, I love it!

I haven’t yet been able to buy these but playsuits and jumpsuits. I would so love a playsuit or jumpsuit but I know I’m OK in skirts and dresses so I’ve just been concentrating on them really. I’ve found some really nice one’s at but I will put some links to my favourite online clothes shops below.

Another thing some people worry about it their arms. I’ve just come to terms with my arms and don’t actually care but you can get kimono’s that come in loads of different patterns and I really want one as well thinking about it. They go with everything and, yeah, I love them! You can also get shrugs or thin cardigans from anywhere really and they also come in a range of colours and styles to suit you.

The last thing is shorts. I’m hoping to get some soon because I’m going to Italy next month and my Nan went last month and came back as a lobster, I’m not even joking so they are definitely needed for next month! The traditional denim ones are pretty easy to get but really short ones like them or some other’s I’ve seen can be worn with the ‘Tummy Control’ tights as previously mentioned. You can also get 3/4 length leggings/shorts which might be better but if you like something which might not be necessarily seen as something for someone of your size, just wear it. There are no laws about who can wear what, it’s 2014.

The main thing I’m trying to put across here is Body Confidence and Body Image and this is so important for so many people because it is all about who has the best clothes these days and who looks the best when it is about having fun being young. I’m only 13 so I have so much of this to look forward to (sense my happiness?) but I’ve always said I would stay true to myself because that’s the best person to be: yourself.

That got very deep, I didn’t mean it to, but yeah. I have a lot of ‘End of Year Assessments’ coming up these next few weeks but as always I will try my best. Also, my netbook is booked in to be fixed tomorrow (my poor baby!) so until further notice I will be uploading on this laptop, thought it makes no difference to you really.

I would actually really like to start something like a charity (I don’t want to call it a charity but that type of thing) where I just help people with Body Confidence or confidence in general because it is so important.

Can I just let you know something else. I am halfway through ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green (very good, love it!) and on Friday I was invited with my friend to go see it but I chose not to because I was halfway through the book. People think I’m mental for missing out, but I would’ve killed myself if I learnt the ending before finishing the book. It’s the same if someone told you really, but tell me in the comments what you think I should’ve done or what you would’ve done because even though it’s in the past I think it would still be interesting to see.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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