Gala Day ’14 and The Importance of Sun Cream

Good evening Munchkins. I thought I’d do a quick update as this is not what I planned but I thought I’d fill you in as it were.

Today, myself, Chummy C, Bubbles and a whole group of our friends went to our local Gala which is a yearly event and is one of the most fun things throughout the whole year in our town. The reason I’m not saying where it is is because I’m only 13, therefore very vulnerable and am not that stupid. For those that want to know though, I’m from England. You enjoy that 300 mile search!

In the morning/midday they have floats running from the local Community Centre to the local Castle and my school had a ‘Grease’ theme which was so good and so funny just watching so many friends and teachers put themselves through that. 

It was such a nice day today, very hot despite being right on the seafront and it got to about 1 and I was about to collapse. I had walked about 3 miles though already, so I deserved it really. 

As a sort of ‘OTTD’ (I will do a proper one with pictures soon if you would like that) I was wearing my maxi skirt from New Look, my burgundy vest top from Primark, a bandeau top from New Look and pair of little flowery pumps from Sports Direct, so as you can tell, a lot of flesh was on show. I got burnt. That is the main point of it. I got burnt and I am now suffering as I right this drenched in moisturizers, body butter, body lotion, you name it it’s on me. Apart from the obvious After Sun which we only buy for holidays and what we used up on our last holiday last August. It hurts, it is painful so please put on Sun Cream. I did not and I may get Skin Cancer because of that and I’m going to blister and it’s going to look disgusting and yeah, not a good look. My tan lines, as well, are awful. It was a high neck top so now in my scoop neck pyjama top, I look mental. My shoulders and the tops of my arms are as if somebody has tried to amputate them without the anesthetic and my face is all read and I already have red cheeks, you do not understand this sort of pain. To make things better, I’m going out for my Grandad’s birthday tomorrow, and out with friends Monday (we have the day off) and I’m going to be wearing the same things. I do realise that this is the longest paragraph going, but I have learnt my lesson and I’m actually such a wimp to pain, I’ve been known to cry at headaches let me tell you. Yes this is a rant, but all I had for lunch today was a box of chips with ketchup, which were too hot to eat and would not cool down because of that burning star known as the Sun. 

Today was supposed to be a very nice day (which in fairness it was) but I’m making up for it now. A bit like a hen night and ‘the morning after the night before’ type of scenario. I also had my hair up, I’m very glad my ears and neck aren’t burnt.

When I was told my shoulders were a (and I quote) ‘little red’ we decided to go on some rides. This was after the boiling box of chips, not my idea, but we went on the ride from hell. I don’t like fun fair rides. They panic me. But I promised my friends one ride which happened to be the fastest most powerful thing I’ve ever been on (I’ve been to Orlando Florida, I’ve been there) and I will go to my Grandad’s meal tomorrow looking like a lobster that is half-cooked. I didn’t throw up, just threatened to kill everyone who was in my eye sight for the next 30 minutes.

We then went down to the sea front where my mental friends decided (the tide was out) to go in what they thought was the ‘wet sand’ which was later classified as Quick Sand (if that’s how you spell it). Chummy’s £60 Vans got ruined after about 2 minutes of realising what was happening which resulted in the awkward moment in the toilets (which could be the size of Hagrid’s Hut, let’s be honest) when we have to move every few seconds from the one sink for someone to get past. Took us ages but we got the worst off then we decided to go to Bubbles for a bit. 

We got to her’s where she was with her on/off boyfriends best friend, who I won’t name, as they were told to ‘bond’ so we found them playing Mario Karts Wii. Chummy got Bubbles parents (who are actually the nicest people ever) to put her shoes in the washing machine then the tumble dryer to help a bit more which they did and we are so happy about. About 10 minutes after we go there Bubbles and the male decided to go get some fish and chips. 40 minutes later we phoned them and asked where they were. They eventually came back and we just hung out for a bit, as you do.

I got home at about 20 to 6 and my Mother laughed at me. I rushed to the mirror where I found the tan lines, the burns and my attempts at a ‘cool, teenager-y day’. It did not work, I had fun but did not look ‘cool’ as anticipated and just spent the whole day embarrassing myself to be honest. 

Can I also just add, I’m one of those people where when there’s a boy around all the stupid things I’ve ever thought/said/done just seem to tumble out of my mouth. Even if I don’t fancy the boy, stupid things come out of my mouth like drinks from a bartender, it’s terrible.

I know this is not the average sort of thing I would upload, but I had the sudden urge (as you do) to just write about today. I’m not going to link much because I’m extremely tired and it’s just me really. If I can tell you one thing to do in life: WEAR SUN CREAM OR DON’T FORGET TO BUY AFTER SUN!!!! Also the chances of me blogging tomorrow are smaller than me taking part in the London Marathon as it’s my Grandad’s birthday so I’ll be there all day. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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