What I Wore To Dirty Dancing/Father’s Day

Good evening Munchkins. Yes, another weekday blog, I’m sorry but as always I will be uploading at the weekend as per usual.

As you may or may not know, one of my birthday presents this year was to go see Dirty Dancing live at a local theatre. It was so good, it was a bit funnier than the film but I think I prefer musicals life to be honest because then it’s as if you’re there and that just makes it all the more special. I have done two other ‘What I Wore . . .’ blogs which I will link below but to set the scene it was a matinee performance and it was traditional English weather: unpredictable. It rained a bit on the train there but by the end of the evening it was a really nice sunset. I went with Chummy C and my Nan even though my Nan wasn’t going in to watch it with us but she booked them and everything. She went shopping instead but took us to dinner afterwards which was really nice.

The main thing I wore was this denim dress from Primark which I bought recently when I went to the most amazing Primark in the world in Liverpool. Seriously, if you’re coming to the UK, just go there, it’ll take you all day anyway! It was £11 which is really good because they also had one at New Look and Asos but it was like £22.99 so half price and just as good quality. I don’t know how to describe the material, it feels sort of denim-y but like nice denim-y if you know what I mean. I’m sorry, I will try to find a thesaurus next time! This was the first time I wore it out and I can easily say it is one of my favourite Summer buys at the moment. The reason there are two pictures is because it has a zip all the way up the back and though for some people this would be difficult, I found it more of a ‘Challenge’ as it were. I managed to do it, my arms are like doll’s arms now, but I did it! Another amazing thing about Primark is that it doesn’t have a specified ‘Petite’ area or on the website or anything but everything I try on, say a Skater Dress, is the length of a Skater Dress. I know I sound really stupid saying that, but I’m only 5 foot so finding anything like that which fits and isn’t too long or anything is like a miracle. Primark saw me and all us other short ones coming. Also can I just say now, sorry for poor photo quality.




For shoes I wore my black Creepers which I seem to be wearing now than ever before. I know that now they’re called ‘Flatforms’ but when I bought them last year I called them Moon Boots or Creepers. I only wore them a few times last year but they go with this dress really well as well as some other things I like to wear which are new so they are really good. I got these from Asda for £11, same price as the dress which might seem a rip-off but Asda do really good quality shoes and clothing despite being just seen as a supermarket. Also, adds height!



The bag I took was the same bag I took to One Direction and is this bag from New Look which Chummy C got me for my birthday earlier this year. It’s black and leather or leather-type I’m not sure whether it’s real leather or not and I find these types of bags so helpful and practical while still looking very nice and festival-y. And before you say anything about the change in lighting, yes it is the same picture for the ‘What I Wore To One Direction’ blog post. And yes that means I’m lazy.



For my hair, Chummy did my hair in a French Plait then pinned it back and I had natural makeup. If you would like any tutorials on my hair or makeup I would love to do that for you so just let me know. Also, if you’re from or live in the UK you will realise that the day after (the Sunday) was Father’s Day so I did wear this on Father’s Day as well. I had my hair in a Halo Braid and there’s a video on YouTube of that so I’ll link it below but I’m still willing to do a tutorial of it myself if you would like that.

I think that’s everything so thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


Email Me: rachelkate01@yahoo.co.uk

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Primark: https://www.primark.com/en/whats-new

New Look: http://www.newlook.com/

Asos: http://www.asos.com/?hrd=1

George @ Asda: http://direct.asda.com/george/clothing/10,default,sc.html

Halo Braid Tutorial (Zoella): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf82HzwSK2s


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