What I Did For Father’s Day 2014

Good Afternoon, Munchkins! Today (well, in the UK anyway) it is Father’s Day so I thought I’d just share with you what I did for Father’s Day and maybe give you some ideas. I’m just going to put it out there now, I haven’t put pictures up purely because mine and my brother’s present includes photos of our family and for security reasons and for the plain reason they don’t know about this blog I didn’t think it was fair to do that to them when they might not want me to. OK, on we go!

I was inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter (the woman who has inspired me with this blog, might I just add) for my Father’s Day present. For those keen Youtube fanactics like myself you will realise she did this a few years ago. When she did this I was like 11 so I wouldn’t have known about her (yes, I know, sorry) and therefore wouldn’t have seen the idea. I know on it’s own it looks a bit weird but she did another picture of her holding an ‘A’ and another ‘D’ and then framed it all together to spell out ‘DAD’. Her daughter also did the same. 

I really liked this idea and wanted to do it so told my Mum a couple of months ago and only got round to doing it Thursday. I blame school and work to be honest. Anyway, we ended up getting a massive piece of card and on the paper-y side wrote ‘DAD’ in big bubble writing letters and coloured it in dark blue. I then found some pictures on Facebook or things that related to him on Google and printed them off, cut them out and stuck it around it. Finally, my brother and I took a picture of us holding it and framed it. Done!

It was so fun to do if a bit hectic but of course we got him some little bits and bobs from Sports Direct and cards. He really liked it and we gave him the picture and the banner.

When I was younger I was such a Daddy’s Girl it was unreal and then when I was about 10 or 11 we drifted apart but then early this year we became close again and I really prefer it that way. I love Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because even if it’s annoying when your young because they’re getting presents and your not I really enjoy it. Even though the weather might not always be amazing at least your spending time with your family. Awww, how cheesy. Sorry, my friend made me watch Forrest Gump last night. A really good film for those that want to know!

I know it’s short today but I’m going out for a meal later and yeah, just trying to get things ready for school tomorrow. Something I want to quickly mention is that I have been nominated by Trying Novelty for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award which I’ll probably pre-write tonight then upload when I get back from school tomorrow. It’s just so crazy, I started this blog as a New Year’s Resolution to be more confident about myself and now I’ve been nominated for two awards. So strange but amazing at the same time. Also, I might upload on Tuesday for a sort of backup for what I said I might’ve done yesterday, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon, 

Rachel xx



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Sports Direct: http://www.sportsdirect.com/


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