Best Friend Tag

Good Afternoon Munchkins, today is a tag/collaboration with my Chummy. We are doing this over Skype so it could go dodgy, and she’s just come of holiday so Sun Stroke or headaches or whatever shouldn’t get it the way, but we’ll see how it goes. We’re just getting these off the internet and I’ll leave a link to it a below, but here we go!

Each Other’s Nickname

Unsurprisingly, Chummy C and Chummy R inspired by Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter.

Describe Each Other in Word

Courtney on Rachel: Bubbly

Rachel on Courtney: Unique

Favourite Thing To Do Together

Laugh, watch movies, talk, go out and shop

Confess two things about yourself that your best friend doesn’t know

No (there’s nothing we don’t know about each other)

Songs For Each Other

Rachel on Courtney: Marilyn Monroe by Pharrell Williams

Courtney on Rachel: Real Girls Eat Cake by The Janoskians

What do you like most about each other’s personality?

Courtney on Rachel: When someone doesn’t reply you say their names in different accents

Rachel on Courtney: The way you can make a joke every time (only when it’s suitable though)

When apart what do you do if you miss each other?

Cry, but looking back at Courtney’s recent holiday it was filled with sarcastic voicemails

What’s your favourite memory together?

Courtney: When we went on holiday together last year

Rachel: The first time we went out/shopping together

If you could go anywhere in the world together where would you go and why?

Disney because it’s Disney. Or Ibiza or Magaluf for when we’re 18.

Favourite Inside Joke?

When thinking about it properly we only actually came up with a few even though we have loads. One of them is Rucksack Boy who we came across when we met Joey Essex and there’s this phrase ‘tit’s up’ which means things are going wrong and sometimes we’ll just go they won’t go back in the bra or something. Also, for those Ja’mie lovers, we do have that Quarmi inside joke.

Do you have anything matching?

We have matching P.E bags and matching phones (BlackBerry’s).

What would you cook for me and why?

Rachel on Courtney: Pizza because it’s simple, easy to make and you’re really fussy and I know you like it. Also, it won’t have nuts in, so you won’t blow up. Always thinking.

Courtney on Rachel: Fillet O’Fish from McDonalds because I don’t cook. It’s poisonous.

That is all the questions we could find that were relevant and can answer, so yeah. I know it’s a short one today but tomorrow I’m going on holiday so it’s mainly packing, but you know, I tried!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you soon,

Rachel xx


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