Good evening Munchkins. Like last week with the Teen Pregnancy blog post it’s another serious one so please don’t say anything offensive to anyone, I’d much rather you send it to me than anyone else. 

It’s estimated that 10% of young people may self-harm in some way and although it doesn’t sound much it affects a lot of people if you don’t start stereotyping and just look for some signs. This time last year I began going through depression and self-harmed but I don’t now, just incase you get worried! 90% of people taken to A&E due to self-harm are due to a suspected overdose though most just stereotype it as cutting or burning yourself. It is said that girls are more likely to harm themselves than boys, but that’s only because boys are more likely to get angry and punch a wall or something. I know people who have burnt themselves and cut themselves with a range of things but overdoses are something I haven’t yet known someone to do. 

As with my Bereavement blog post I will write down questions and answer them as best I can, but I’m not a proffesional at this sort of thing. If you have any other advice then you are more than welcome to suggest it below for those that need it. 

What is self-harm?

Self-harm is an act of depression or suicidal thoughts about yourself which causes you to harm yourself in some way. This can include cutting, burning, drug or alcohol overdose as previously mentioned but also overeating, smoking, pulling hair, picking skin and deliberate bruising. This should not be confused with accidental bruises and cuts (e.g falling over).

Who self-harms?

This is where stereotyping comes in. Most people believe it’s just people who are bullied or emos or teenagers as a whole. No, just no. I don’t know of any specific examples but I’m sure there’s some people who aren’t teenagers that self-harm and I wasn’t bullied and I’m not a stereotypical ’emo’. I don’t mean to offend anyone but an ’emo’ is basically someone who is related to having black hair, pale skin, likes screamo music and self-harms. Some people want to be emo and others hate being mistaken for being emo when they’re in fact not. Some people just do it because they don’t feel there place in the world and it doesn’t have to have a primary cause. Also, just because someone does it doesn’t mean they’re going to be putting it all over FaceBook or shouting it out. I’ve only told a certain number of people and my parents found out on there own. 

The difference between self-harm and self-injury.

I haven’t previously heard of self-injury until researching this topic for this blog but it is the act of cutting/burning/pulling out hair etc (deliberate ways to hurt yourself) and self-injury includes things like over/under-eating (long-term/short-term damage). Again, these two should not be confused. 

Recovering from self-harm.

I recovered over time with my depression and eventually just stopped thinking suicidal thoughts. However, I know this isn’t the case for everyone. I would try and take your mind off whatever makes you depressed and spend time with the people who make you happiest. If the reason you self-harm is due to friendship problems then join a club that interests you. I know you’re out there thinking ‘well, what about counselling?’. I know it seems the obvious but I didn’t have counselling and if you really think you need it or other’s around you think you do then that’s when you should go for it. 

Dealing with scars.

My scars are faint but still there so I worry about what to say to people in the future if they notice it but if you have quite prominent scars but look happier you will come across stronger. Also, the sun gets rid of scars so sun-bathing could help! Even if you do eventually get rid of the physical scars the mental scars will always be there but if you use it in a positive way like I try to do then you can’t go far wrong. Everything that challenges you in life should make you come out of the end of it stronger because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As cheesy as it is it’s true.

Those are all the pointers that I can give you but if you have any questions or queries then I am always here to talk, just email me and I will get back to you (links are below). I know this is going to come across wrong but I really like talking about things like this because it shows how far I’ve come and it is possible to come out of a place like this. Something that still upsets me though is that I’ve recovered and I’m fine but loads of my friends are still in that place and I’m just here like ‘Oh, well I haven’t had suicidal thoughts for months now’. I really do want to help you because I see how it’s affected the people around me and I know what it feels like to be in that place. 

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week,

Rachel xx


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